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Final Update – Native Eyewear Catamount Glasses

Native Eyewear Catamount glasses

Caddying for Birdies for the Brave at the Zurich Classic

I have worn the Native Eyewear Catamount glasses for over 225 miles of golfing, running, hiking and backpacking.  They have performed exceptionally. The visual acuity is clear and crisp; they are so light I forget that I have them on; and I haven’t broke them, so the durability is top notch.  Click HERE to read my final thoughts on this pair of glasses.

Initial thoughts – Native Eyewear Catamount Sunglasses

Native Eyewear Catamount Sunglasses

Sporting the Catamount Sunglasses while hiking at the Woodlands Conservancy

I have sensitive eyes, and sunglasses are a necessity.  I am always on the lookout for sunglasses that I can wear for multiple sports such as running, hiking, fishing that still look stylish for wear around town.  I will be reviewing the Native Eyewear Catamount Sunglasses over the next few months to see if they meet the requirements to be added to the gear quiver.  Click HERE for my initial thoughts.

Final Update: Native Dash XP Sunglasses

Final Update: Native Dash XP Sunglasses It’s hard to find a good pair of sunglasses. It’s even harder to find a great pair of sunglasses.  I have had a few months with the Native Dash XP Sunglasses and I don’t have many negative things to say about it.  Click HERE to see some of my final conclusions about the sunglasses.

Thanks again to Native for the opportunity to review this great pair of sunglasses!

Kaleb R.

First review of the Dash XP Sunglasses

First review of the Dash XP Sunglasses The Native Dash XP sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, polarized and versatile.  What else can you ask for in a pair of sunglasses?

Native Eyewear has been in the industry since 1996 and offer a large line of outdoor eyewear products.

Click here to see my first review of the Dash XP sunglasses by Native.

Kaleb R.