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Final Update: Thunderbolt Original Jeans

Thunderbolt Jeans I kept putting off my final update thinking I might somehow tear or damage the Thunderbolt jeans.  Boy, what a waste of time.   So without and fanfare I present my final thoughts on what has turned out to be just an outstanding article of clothing.  But to read the details you must click here.

Coy Boy

Mountain Khakis Cruiser Pants – First Look

Mountain Khakis Cruiser Pant

 Cruiser Pants – Courtesy of Mountain Khakis Website

Hiking pants are an essential part of any kit.  I have tried several brands over the years and find that I generally like a pair of pants that are lightweight and comfortable, can stand up to abuse, and, most important to me, have a short inseam.  I am 5’6” and have a 30 inch inseam which has meant that I end up needing to hem or roll most outdoor pants.  Enter Mountain Khakis – they have a pant that seems like it will fit the bill – the Cruiser Pant.  I will be using these pants over the next few months on my adventures and see if they earn a place in my gear closet.  In the meantime, read on for my initial impression.

Final Update – Stio Environ Pant

Review by Jason B

Stio Environ

Sunny day on the mountain

Winter came in like a lion and then sputtered and rain took the major form of precipitation instead of snow.  The lack of snow coupled with training for my first 100 mile ultra-marathon meant that the Environ pants saw significant amounts of use for snowshoeing and hiking, but only one ski trip.  However, I have over 200 miles of hiking and snowshoeing in the pants so I feel I gave them a serious test.  The pants have performed admirably and are my new favorite waterproof pants to adventure in.  They have kept me dry, are durable and comfortable no matter what the conditions.  Read my review here.

Mountain Khakis Snake River convertible pants a last look

Fox Brook tent site on Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail

Fox Brook tent site on Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail

I have used the Mountain Khakis Snake River pants almost daily since my last report. They have been washed several times and all stains have been removed successfully. There was a reddish brown stain that I had no idea where it came from and was concerned that it would remain. It came out in the wash and I was relieved. The weather since the last report has been in the 80 F to 95 F range with the humidity over 80 % most of the time. During this period I went on a 3 day backpack and attended the 3 day Lowell Folk festival.

To read more.

 Mountain Khakis Snake River convertible pants a last look

observing swan near Horn Pond

observing swan near Horn Pond

I have been enjoying the comfort and versatility of these pants over the last month.  I have worn them almost every day full length in cold weather and with the pant legs off in the hot weather. To read more.