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Final Update: Thunderbolt Original Jeans

Thunderbolt Jeans I kept putting off my final update thinking I might somehow tear or damage the Thunderbolt jeans.  Boy, what a waste of time.   So without and fanfare I present my final thoughts on what has turned out to be just an outstanding article of clothing.  But to read the details you must click here.

Coy Boy

Thunderbolt Sportswear Marly T – Final Update

Marly T

At the Bald Rock Overlook Pinhoti Trail

I have continued to use the Thunderbolt Sportswear Marly T for my outdoor adventures over the past month or so and it has performed admirably.  Comfort remains on point, durability is good and the smell factor is still nonexistent for the most part even after 4 days of backpacking in unseasonably warm temperatures in Central Alabama.  There is some minor fabric pulls in the cuffs of the sleeves and a coffee stain that won’t seem to wash out, but these are rather minor annoyances for an amazing shirt.  Read on for my final thoughts.

ToughTested Solar Battery Pack – Update


Charging the ToughTested Solar charger while relaxing in camp.

I have used the ToughTested Solar Charger battery pack over the past several weeks on two multiday backpacking trips, dayhikes, and in urban settings, and it has performed as advertised.  I was able to keep my iPhone charged even after draining it by listening to music, taking pictures and making social media updates.  Read on for my full update.