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Final Update: Cascade Designs Platypus Women’s B-Line Cross Country Backpack

Cross Country Backpack Check out my final update on the Cascade Designs Platypus Women’s B-Line Cross County Backpack. The review process for this pack took me much longer than anticipated due to receiving it while I was recovering from a broken leg. Well I am all better now and back to my normal biking routine. Read more here. 

Jenn K. 


by Chuck


It never occurred to me that Platypus would design such an awesome looking pack. Functionality and Durability?…well that’s what I’m here for, to take it into the outdoors where it belongs. Read more….


Need to Keep Your Wine Fresh?

Check out part one of the review of the PlatyPreserve wine bladder.  How long will it keep the wine fresh?

Read the review

PlatyPreserve (photo courtesy of Platypus)