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Update on the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife

Swiss Advance

Swiss Advance Crono N5

I have carried the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife for the last month or so, and I really like how handy this little knife is. The tools are useful in a pickle, and the knife blade is sharp and big enough for standard camp tasks like cutting stuff for meal prep.  Read on for my full thoughts on the Swiss Advance Crono N5 knife.

Initial thoughts on the Crono N5 Pocket Knife

pocket knife

Swiss Advance Cronos N5 Pocket Knife. Photo Courtesy of the Swiss Advance Website

Swiss Advance has created their own version of the venerable Swiss Army pocket knife – the Crono N5 pocket knife.  Over the next couple months, the Crono N5 pocket knife will be my everyday carry knife and I look forward to seeing how it performs.  Click here for my initial thoughts.

Gerber Metolius Pocket Folder Final Update

Gerber Metolius Pocket Folder

Image complements of Gerber

My review of this knife has come to an end, and I am pleased to say this knife has exceeded my expectations. You can read the entire review of this Gerber knife here…

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes