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Fox River Trail and Triathlon Socks

Fox River Trail and Triathlon The weather is warm and you already have your bike out.  Do you have the right socks for the endless miles of trail and pavement?  The Fox River Triathlon and Trail socks were designed for activities like mountain and road biking in mind.  I will be testing four pairs of these socks over the next three months mainly while on my mountain bike and road bike.  Click here to see my initial review of the socks.

-Kaleb R.

Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch

Ever worried that your small electronics such as your cell phone or digital camera will be exposed to the elements while on your latest adventure?  Tired of having to lug around a soggy wallet after it got wet on your last hike?  Afraid that those sandwich bags you are using to keep things dry on the trail just won’t cut it?  Aquapac has created the Small Stormproof Pouch to keep your small items dry and safe while you are in the great outdoors. Click here to see my review of the product.

-Kaleb R.