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Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest

Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest

Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest Back

One of my keys to running long distances is to make sure I have what I need close at hand.  There are many ways to accomplish this task from handheld water bottles to vests and backpacks.  I have several half marathons and full marathons coming up over the next couple months, and I will be using the Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest to make sure I have hydration and calories close at hand.  Read on for my initial thoughts on the Marathon vest.

Camelbak Ultra LR update

Camelbak Ultra LR The Camelbak Ultra LR has proven to be a pretty cool hydration vest, and I mean that literally. First of all, we experienced record setting heat during the last week of June with several days topping 100 F.  For example it was 108 on June 29th.  I remember because it was my wedding anniversary…  Anyways, I tried to walk either real early or late in the afternoon during this time.  I would still get pretty sweaty, but by filling the hydration reservoir with ice before adding my water, I was able to keep a cool drink handy and the pack actually felt like it was helping to keep my lower back a little cooler. To read the rest of the update along with the entire review please click here.

Coy Boy

Update: Camelbak Marathoner Vest

It’s been a scorcher out there this summer. You are mostly likely trying to train for the big race this Fall and you can’t seem to get any relief from the heat. The Camelbak Marathoner Vest has the capacity to carry all your hydrating and nutritional needs in this summer weather. Click here to see my lastest update on the vest.


Camelbak Ultra LR hydration vest

Ultra LR hydration vest Over the next few months I will be reviewing the Camelbak Ultra LR hydration vest.  This hydration pack is designed for the runner, or more specifically, the long distance runner.  However, besides the fact that it is designed to ride very snugly and with little movement, it has several other features which I think will be good for bike riding and day hiking.  Please click here to read the rest of the review.

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