Sherpa Adventure gear Khumbu Pant Final Update

I have continued to wear the Sharpa Adventure Gear Khumbu pants for overnight hikes as well as day hiking.  At the risk of repeating it too much… I have been absolutely blown away at just how comfortable these pants are.   As an added bonus they are very water resistant, so much so that I have […]

Sherpa Adventures Gear Khumbu Pant Update

I’ve now worn the Khumbu pants on 2 overnight hiking trips as well as several day hikes and even while riding my bike a few times.  They have performed flawlessly and I am blown away at just how comfortable they are.  To read all about it please click here. Coy Boy

Sherpa Adventure Gear Khumbu Pant

I consider pants one of the more important gear choices when it comes to outdoor adventures.  I want them to fit comfortably, allow complete freedom of movement and while not high on my list, looking good is a bonus.  The Khumbu pants seem to meet all the criteria so follow along as I review them.  […]