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Final Update – Rhone Mako shorts

Rhone Mako Shorts

Evaluating the next valley

Running, hiking, backpacking, these shorts have done it all. 220 miles of use plus significant gym time and the Rhone Mako shorts continue to look great. Click HERE for my final thoughts on these amazing shorts from Rhone.

Rhone Mako Shorts – Update

Rhone Mako shorts

Wearing the Rhone Mako Shorts while exploring Buccaneer State Park, MS

I have used the Rhone Mako Shorts for over 120 miles of running, hiking, weightlifting and overall outdoor use.  They are very comfortable and seem to be durable with no obvious defects or wear spots.  Read on for my full update on these fashionable outdoors shorts!

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Shorts – Final Update

I have found my new favorite pair of hiking and backpacking shorts.  I have used the shorts for over 100 miles of hiking and backpacking since receiving them in July including two multi-day backpacking trips.  They have proven to be comfortable, durable and an all around great pair of shorts.  Read on for my final impressions.

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Shorts

Photo courtesy of Mountain Khakis

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Shorts

Shorts are an essential part of any outdoor kit for summer adventures.  This summer I will be testing the Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Shorts as I pursue outdoor adventures in the southeastern United States.  Read on for my initial thoughts on the shorts.

Update: 2XU Compression Cycle Short

Compression Cycle Short A month has gone by and I have been wearing the 2XU Compression Cycle Short on my training road rides and a metric century. My century rides over the past month have been cut short due to a mechanical and high temperatures.

Read more here.

By Jenn K.


Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

Mountain Khakis Snake River Shorts for Women

By Suzanne

Mountain Khakis Snake River Shorts for Women

Mountain Khakis Snake River Shorts for Women

Let me be blunt. I am not a pencil thin, incredibly fit woman. I am a full figured, food loving woman. So, finding shorts that actually fit my body type and don’t make me question their durability, is pretty darn hard. I don’t know about the other ladies out there, but a lot of the “active” shorts out there seem to be made for people without hips and, assuming that you can get them on over your hips, often result in the loosest waist band known to man. I know I’m not the only shapely, active woman out there, but sometimes it feels like it!

When Mountain Khakis sent me their Snake River Shorts, I was, understandably, nervous of how exactly they would fit me. And, more pointedly, how exactly would they fair in my active lifestyle?

Click here to hear what I have to say about them!