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Injinji Performance Run 2.0 Socks – Update

Injinji Running Socks

Running the Saints Kickoff 5k

I have used both pairs of Injinji Performance Run socks to run and hike over 200 miles over the past month or so.  They have performed well, remained comfortable and most importantly, I have had no blisters!  Only a couple nitpicks – like all other socks, they don’t stay over my calves, and I got a random hole in one of the socks, probably from hiking through bushes at the Woodland Conservancy, but I am not really sure.  Read on for my full update!

Injinji Performance Run 2.0 Socks

Injinji Performance Run 2.0

Injinji Performance Run 2.0

As an ultrarunner I find that one of my biggest challenges on long runs is blister formation on my toes.  I have tried many different ways to alleviate this issue with moderate success.  Over the next few months I will be testing the Injinji Performance Run 2.0 socks to see if they have unlocked the key to beating blister formation between my toes with their toe sock design. Read on for my initial thoughts.

Farm To Feet Damascus Elite Hiker Socks

I have received to review two pair of Farm To Feet Damascus Elite Hiker Socks!  One pair in the 1/4 Crew height and one in the Crew height.  Farm To Feet is a very impressive company as their socks are 100% Made in America, 100% American sourced materials, and 100% American manufacturing!! FULL REVIEW


CEP Progressive+ Merino Outdoor and Run+ Compression Socks

I have received to review two pair of compression socks from CEP.  Their Merino Outdoor and Merino Run+ socks.  To begin, I will say these socks are very well made.  Very high quality German craftsmanship I will even say. Read on for the full report: CEP Review

Update: United by Blue The Ultimate American Sock

IMG_1869 After a month of almost constant wear, I’m happy to report that my United by Blue, Ultimate American bison down socks are holding up well – and are even more comfortable than when they were new.  We haven’t had much cold weather yet, but the socks have done well to keep my feet comfortable – and not too warm! Check out my update HERE.

Socks were provided for review purposes by United by Blue

These socks get around!

Biodegradable packaging from United by Blue.

The Ultimate American Sock by United by Blue

The Ultimate American Sock probably travels more before it gets to your feet, than most people travel in a year.  The best part is it is totally made in America- designed in Philadelphia, the bison down is gathered in North Dakota ( I know, I didn’t know bison had down either), spun in Massachusetts and knitted and packaged in Iowa.  The box used for packaging is made in Wisconsin, and is completely biodegradable.

The socks themselves are designed for cold weather use, with  an eye towards comfort and durability. Over the next few months we will be wearing the socks, looking at comfort, durability and warmth v too hot factors.  To read the first part of the review, and more about these socks and what this company is doing, click HERE

These socks were provided for review purposes by the manufacturer.