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Final Update: GSI Stainless Camper

Fry pan set up on dock on the marsh and creek.

I was able to test out the GSI Stainless Camper in a different setting than I am used to. A trip to the South Carolina coast offered the chance to fry up a little bit of fresh caught seafood. This cook and eating set has been a blast to test and I have some final thoughts that you can check out by clicking here.

Kaleb R.

Final Update – GSI Pinnacle Soloist Stove

GSI Pinnacle Soloist

Cooking Chicken and Rice at Buccaneer State Park

I have continued to use the GSI Pinnacle Soloist Complete system for all of my cooking needs since my last update and it has performed well while cooking one pot meals and remains durable with the exception of a little accident with my daughter.  Read on for my final thoughts.

Final Update Primus Lite+ (Colors Options Available) Stove

During the past month I have used the stove twice. Once to boil some hot water for hot chocolate after a mountain biking event in San Diego and in Utah near Zion National Park during a mountain biking trip.

Read more here. 

Jenn K.

GSI Pinnacle 4 Season stove almost final review

This will be my final review of the GSI Pinnacle 4 Season stove apart from a quick update this winter to test the stoves liquid burn mode.  Read my latest update HERE

MSR Pocket Rocket Final Update

MSR Pocket Rocket Final Update I kept thinking I would get a chance to do an extended backpacking trip before finalizing this review but life conspired against me. As such, I will just go with what I have.  I do want to say that the MSR Pocket Rocket has meet all my expectations.  It is a great little stove.  Add the fact that it is one of the most affordable stoves on the market and you have a winner.  To read the rest of this update along with the entire review please click here. 


Coy Boy

Primus ExpressSpider Stove

Making hot coco while showshoeing

So easy a 9yo can use it

“So easy a caveman can do it…”

There were no cavemen available for this review, but I was able to locate a 9yo.

I have completed my review of this stove and you can read for yourself how it performed for me here…

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes