Primus Lite+ (Colors Options Available) Stove

The Primus Lite+ (Colors Options Available) Stove is in the Primus gas/compact stove line up. This all-in-one gas stove is designed for three season and solo use. Initially when I opened the box I noticed that this stove was made of quality materials and would be the perfect size for my upcoming adventures. Read on… […]

Primus ExpressLander a last look

Review by Arnie P Time for the last look at the Primus ExpressLander white gas stove.  During my review I used only Coleman camp fuel.  This worked so well that I don’t think I will use any other type of fuel.  I did not experience the huge flash ups I had seen when others were […]

Primus ExpressLander white gas stove update

Review by Arnie P Normally I would have tried the Primus ExpressLander as part of my initial report; however, time ran out before I was able to buy Coleman white gas for the ExpressLander.  I was having mixed feelings about my first experience because I had seen other hikers using similar type stoves on the […]

Primus ExpressLander White Gas Stove

Review by Arnie P The ExpressLander was provided was provided by Primus for review purposes. The ExpressLander runs on white gas.  The stove is made mostly of metal and appears very durable.  It claims to still be one of the lightest white gas stoves on the market.  The package contains a stove, heat reflector, fuel […]

Does Anti Gravity mean Weightlessness?

Well maybe it does to AnitGravityGear ( and Trail Designs ( AntiGravityGear and Trail Designs have come together to produce an outstanding Stove and Pot set. It’s called the AntiGravityGear Mama’s Kitchen 3 Cup Deluxe Solo Cook Set. That’s a lot to say in one breath and believe it or not, you get a lot […]