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First look at the adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Sunglasses


adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro in the mountains around Juneau

Sunglasses are an essential part of my kit.  My eyes are very sensitive to light and even in overcast conditions I wear sunglasses, or I end up squinting which leads to headaches.  adidas has become a player in the performance eyewear market and I will be reviewing their Evil Eye Evo Pro glasses over the next few months.  Read on for my initial thoughts.

CEBE Eyemax Sunglasses

CEBE has been in the optics industry since 1892.  They have been creating eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts ever since. The CEBE Eyemax glasses employ Variochrome lenses, which adapt to the ever changing environment outdoors that we love so much.  Their lightweight material means that you hardly know that they are there. Click here to check out my initial review of the CEBE Eyemax sunglasses.

-Kaleb R.

Ryders Defcon PolarPhoto sunglasses

Review by Arnie P

Defcon PolarPhoto sunglasses

Defcon PolarPhoto sunglasses

I received the Ryders Defcon PolarPhoto for review purposes.  The Ryders eye-wear come in an amazing assortment of lenses, frames, styles, and colors,

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Update #1-Native Dash XP Sunglasses

Finding and not losing a good pair of sunglasses is difficult for me.  So far the Native Dash XP Sunglasses have been a great pair and I have enjoyed them so much that they have rarely been off my head (no chance to lose them).  Recent trips on the backwaters of Beaufort, SC and the Horsepasture River in Western, NC have given me a closer look at these glasses from Native Eyewear. Click here to see my update on how the Native Dash XP Sunglasses have been performing.

-Kaleb R.

Need a Little Help Seeing Clearly?

I recently received a pair of Out of the Blue Lois BiFocal Sunglasses.  The idea is that those who need glasses for reading, or other close work, can wear these sunglasses and also see better close up.  I was anxious to try them out and see if they helped my recent discovery that I needed reading glasses, and couldn’t remember both sunglasses and reading glasses it seemed.

Check out the first part of my review


Zeal Orb Sunglasses Revisited

Zeal Orb Sunglasses in Caramel

Zeal Orb Sunglasses in Caramel

By Suzanne

It has been a few weeks since I first gave the Zeal Orbs a test drive while running. If you remember, I was impressed then by the high quality ZB13s and how they cut the glare no matter what the conditions and kept the bugs out of my eyes. I loved being able to walk inside and outside without having to take them on or off like I had to with so many other pairs of sunglasses in the past. But that was all at the beginning of the summer before the heat, sun, and humidity level increased. And I was really interested in how durable they were in the great outdoors.

Want to hear about how I gave the Zeal Orbs a REAL beating? Click here to read on.