Final Update: SOL Escape Pro Bivvy

SOL Escape Pro Bivvy I wanted to establish what I consider the lower limits of the SOL Escape Pro Bivvy.  I’m not talking about survival either, just how cold I could  manage without risking making myself sick.  After testing it down to 36 F I believe I found my limit.  Put it this way, I will not be trying it in anything colder than this unless I’m in a true survival situation.  On the plus side, I was surprised at just how warm I was able to stay on a very windy and cold night.  To read the rest of the update please click here (and scroll down).

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Survival Hacks by Creek Stewart


“Hacks” are all the rage these days and this book does NOT disappoint in this arena!  This reviewer received the book for review purposes.   I really don’t want to give too much away by adding too many pictures here as I think if you are an outdoors type person, you will want this book in your library.  It includes hacks for everything. Click here for the full review:

BushCraft 101 by Dave Canterbury

bushcraft 101 I like the way this book is laid out.  On the back cover he mentions what he calls the 5 Cs of survivability; cutting tools, covering elements, combustion devices, containers and cordage.  Throughout the book different elements of these 5 Cs are covered.  To read the rest of the review please click here.

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Arnie’s thoughts on “grit” and the mental aspects of hiking

Arnie’s thoughts on “grit” and the mental aspects of hiking

Article by Arnie P

on the trail
grit and hiking trail

Hiking is a very safe sport, when one understands how my thoughts on grit plays in taming down the stories of injuries. What is not understood is the number of hikers who hike and return tired but in good condition every day of the year in all kinds of weather. My purpose is to pass on some of my half century experience on the trail especially in understanding the role of grit,
Getting the right equipment for the location and conditions of your hike is very important. Good equipment does not let you down. Read the reviews and articles on

Physical fitness is also important. My experience is the more you know yourself the better you are prepared to deal with difficult times that sometimes happen on a hike. Most of my hiking experience has been in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mount Washington has some of the worst weather in the world and there are quite a few mountains nearby that share most of that same unpredictable weather. When hiking in an unfamiliar area you face a different kind of difficulty. Know as much as you can about where you intend on hiking before the hike. To read more.

eton FRX3 emergency radio update

eton FRX3 emergency radio I have used the eton FRX3 both at home and while on a 3 day/night canoe trip on Black Creek in Mississippi.  I found that using the FRX3 as an emergency light and radio here at home works very well.  I discovered that using it on a canoeing trip is probably not advisable, or at least I should have come up with a better way to protect the radio and kept it from getting wet. To read the rest of the update along with the entire review please click here.

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