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Smartwool Backpacker 150 Tee


I have worn the Backpacker 150 Tee multiple days a week for the past 4 months. Since my last post, I have continued to run, work out, and wear the shirt casually. Click here to see my final update on the t-shirt where I highlight some features of the shirt and draw some final conclusions.

Kaleb R.

Update – Smartwool Backpacker Tee


Two months with the Smartwool Backpacker Tee and I can say it’s one of the best that I have ever worn. I’ve worn it backpacking, running, at the gym and around town. Click here to see my thoughts on this shirt’s superpowers as well as how well it plays with dogs.

Kaleb R.

Final Update on the Cotopaxi Peak T-Shirt

Peak T-Shirt Check out the final update on the Cotopaxi Women’s Peak T-Shirt.

The Cotopaxi Peak T-Shirt has been worn for another month. It is still holding up well. It has been worn approximately 7 more times. Read more here. 

Jenn K. 

Cotopaxi Women’s Peak T-Shirt

Peak T-Shirt The Cotopaxi Women’s Peak T-Shirt has a fitted design, scooped neck, and short sleeves. The shirt is a striking blue color that has a washed/faded look. There is a peak graphic and the Cotopaxi name on the t-shirt. The peak design is the Cotopaxi namesake which is the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador.

However, that is not all. Read more here. 

By Jenn K.