Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Review by Arnie P

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair
Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair provided for review.

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

The Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair arrived in a cardboard box with minimal markings and shipping information. The packaging comprised of a cardboard box, a thin plastic bag covering the chair and two Styrofoam blocks for secure transportation. glue and tape to hold the cardboard box together.

I slid the chair out of the box. I then picked up the chair from the back, the armrests slid down part way. I stepped to one side of the chair, and while holding the top of the back of chair, I applied a slight amount of pressure on the armrest until the armrests were sloping slightly upward toward the front of the chair. This is the normal chair position. I sat in the chair, checked that the locking mechanism under the armrests were released, put my feet on the front part of the chair near the floor and pushed forward to move the chair into the reclining positions. In the extended position my head was higher than my feet. The locks are easy to apply and as a recliner the chair can accommodate a wide range of positions. To read more please click here.

First Look – ROVR Colorado RollR 85 Cooler Review

ROVR Colorado RollR 85 Cooler Review
The Colorado RollR 85 fully tricked out.

The ROVR Products RollR cooler started the same way that many ideas do – because of a problem.  Tired of carrying gear from their car to their campsite they thought there had to be a better way, and the RollR cooler was born. ROVR products has an easy to navigate website with videos explaining their products.

I will be reviewing the Colorado RollR 85 in the summer heat of New Orleans and the deep south this summer.  ROVR products calls it “An 85-quart carrying, all-terrain attacking, patented design that can go anywhere you can.”  The RollR 85 retails for $449.

Read my full review here Colorado RollR 85

Update: Blackstone Griddle Review

The Blackstone Griddle has performed as advertised.  It is easy to cook on and I like that I can generally cook an entire meal at one time.  Seasoning and cleaning was a bit of a chore at first but has become easier, and the griddle is easily transportable, but maybe not in the way Blackstone envisioned.  Click HERE to read my full update on my Blackstone Griddle Review.

Blackstone Griddle Review
Cooking Venison hot links on the Blackstone Products 28″ Griddle.

Initial thoughts on the Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle
Cooking Pancakes on the Blackstone Griddle

I like to cook outdoors and anything that makes the process easier is a plus.  Blackstone Products makes cold rolled steel griddles and accessories that can be used for camping, tailgating or for cooking at home.  I will be reviewing the Blackstone 28” Griddle over the next couple of months for my cooking endeavors while camping and at home.  Click HERE for my initial thoughts.