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Cotopaxi Tikal Active Shell Keeps Me Dry

Review by Susie; Cotopaxi Tikal Active Shell provided for review by Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi Tikal Active Shell sleeve with rain drops

Cotopaxi Tikal Active Shell shell repels rain quickly.

When I first got the Cotopaxi Tikal Active Shell in my hands, the first thing I did was check the weather. Why? Because it made me want it to rain! There was no way such a stretchy and lightweight shell could be waterproof. It did not feel like any raincoat I had ever felt before. I subsequently wore the Tikal Active Shell every day until it finally rain. Has the “ultralight waterproof and breathable shell with four-way stretch, perfect for four-season backpacking, hiking, and travel” even remotely lived up to the hype? Perhaps I’ve kept my ancient crinkly rain coat in my closet for the really rainy days. Well, you’ll just have to read the first chapter of my review to find out!