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2018 CJ’s Resolution Challenge Race Report

CJ's Resolution Challenge

One of my favorite races of the year CJ’s Resolution Challenge was held on January 6, 2018. CJ’s raises money for organizations promoting autism awareness, a cause near and dear to my heart. This race has a unique format. You select the type of race you want to do when you register. You can choose from RC Revolutions or Last Man Standing. Both races are run on the same 1.6 mile loop in R. B. Winter State Park outside of Mifflinburg, PA. If you choose RC Revolutions, you are trying to see how many loops you can finish in three hours. For Last Man Standing, you have 20 minutes to complete the first loop, 19 minutes to complete the second, 18 minutes to complete the third, until….well, the name of the race says it all. My husband and I went to packet pick up, which was in a relatively warm heated tent, got our bibs and hoodies, along with a doughnut and some hot coffee, and went back to the car to stay warm. At 9:00, we got some brief pre-race instructions and were off! The course is half trail and half gravel road. Both travel through the woods of the state park. The trail is not entirely flat, but there is not much elevation change. Same with the road. The trail was entirely snow covered. The road was about 2/3 snow covered. We finished loop 9 at 2:57. We could have done another loop, since according to the rules of the race, as long as you start your last loop before three hours, it counts, but we were both ready to be done. We collected our wooden medals then went back into the pavilion one last time for some more delicious soup, chips, whoopie pies, peanut butter cookies and hot chocolate. We did not stick around too long, because even with the fire and heaters, we got cold sitting after we finished running.  Click HERE to read my review.

Pearl Izumi Peak II Update

Pearl Izumi Peak II I’ve been running in the Pearl Izumi Peak II Trail Running shoes from Pearl Izumi for a month now. I’ve hit both the trails and pavement with them. Click here to see my update and how the Peak II’s have been performing.

-Kaleb R.

Fox River Trail and Triathlon Socks

Fox River Trail and Triathlon The weather is warm and you already have your bike out.  Do you have the right socks for the endless miles of trail and pavement?  The Fox River Triathlon and Trail socks were designed for activities like mountain and road biking in mind.  I will be testing four pairs of these socks over the next three months mainly while on my mountain bike and road bike.  Click here to see my initial review of the socks.

-Kaleb R.

Camelbak Marathoner Vest

Marathoner Vest Camelbak has been creative innovative hydration solutions since 1988.  The Camelbak Marathoner Vest was created by Camelbak with marathon training and trail running in mind.  It has includes some unique features that could help you out with all those miles you put in.  Check out my initial review by clicking here.

-Kaleb R.

Stay Warm with the Canada Goose Camp Jacket

By Suzanne

Canada Goose Camp Down Jacket

Canada Goose Camp Down Jacket

When I was first told that I would be reviewing a down jacket, my immediate feeling was that I would be wearing something that emphasized my worst features and made me look like a doughboy that is on tv a lot this time of year. I was not at all enthusiastic. But, Canada Good has definitely proven me wrong. Their Camp Jacket has got to be my favorite jacket ever. It’s the perfect combination of outdoor wear and city active wear. I’ve worn it to go out to dinner at fancy restaurants as a jacket to go with a nice outfit. But, more notably, I’ve also worn it for all of my winter expeditions and come back nice and toasty warm despite the wretched temperatures. My most recent expedition with the Canada Goose Camp Jacket led me to Pleasant Mountain in Maine, which is a small local peak known for great views with minimal time on the trail. To read more about my trip itself, read the full report here. Otherwise, you can find my thoughts from the trail on the Canada Goose Camp Jacket by going to my review here.