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Mazama Windigo 3L Reservoir Update

Mazama Windigo 3L reservoir The Mazama Windigo 3L Reservoir has worked really well for the applications I managed to use It for.  This would be mostly for backpacking but I also used it on a kayaking trip and actually drank more water from it then than when hiking.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy

Staying hydrated with the CamelBak Fourteener

By Suzanne

Camelbak Fourteener

Camelbak Fourteener

The first pack that I ever bought when I started seriously hiking about five years ago was a Camelbak. I found it locally, liked that it came with a water bladder, and it fit within my poor college student budget. Well, I’ve grown up, but my taste in packs is still with Camelbak, especially with their CamelBak® Fourteener, which they sent me to review. The improvements in the basic overall design of the CamelBak® Fourteener versus my old Camelbak are really noticeable and had definitely resulted in a pack that I’d buy even if it didn’t come with their newly redesigned bladder. I recently took the CamelBak® Fourteener up Pleasant Mountain, a local peak where I got my first winter hike in a couple years ago, with my husband and dog. To hear about my trip with the CamelBak® Fourteener you can click here. To read my full report and thoughts about just the CamelBak® Fourteener, click here.