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HydraPac Stow 1L Update

I have been using the HydraPac Stow 1L while overnight backpacking as well as while day hiking for exercise.  It has worked well but I did find it more difficult to get in and out of the side water bottle pockets on my backpack and from the water bottle pockets on my waist pack or vest. To read the rest of my update please click here.  

Coy Boy

Final Update on the Cotopaxi Bangladesh Water Bottle

Bangladesh Bottle The Cotopaxi Bangladesh Bottle has been used the past month at the beach, heated yoga, and at work for hydration. I have used the bottle with cold and hot beverages this month. Check it out here. 

Jenn K. 


Looking to save space and weight?

The Platypus SoftBottle may have been created for someone just like you.

The SoftBottle weighs only .9 oz /24 g when empty and its design allows it to be rolled up to dimensions that will surprise you. Click here to check out my first of three reviews on the Platypus SoftBottle.

By Kaleb R.