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Oboz Crest Low BDry Hiking Shoes – Final Report

A 24 mile hike in the Nantahala Wilderness at the headwaters of the Nantahala River in the Blue Ridge Mountains provided the “perfect” final test for the Oboz Crest Low BDry hiking shoes.

Hiking shoes

After three days on soggy, water logged trails.

I wouldn’t call the conditions perfect for backpacking, but for testing a pair of waterproof shoes made for through hikes, it couldn’t have been any better. Click here and scroll to the bottom to read my final update from this trip and draw some conclusions about the shoes.

-Kaleb R

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight Series .7 Medical Kit

I have now had Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight first aid kit for a number of months and it is quite handy to have around.  Whenever I hang out back in my hammock I clip it to the ridgeline outside the hammock just in case. See final review addition  HERE

first aid kit

Update – Oboz Crest Low BDry Hiking Shoe

A soggy hike in the Crest Low BDry shoes.

I’ve had the Crest Low BDry shoes for about a month now. They’ve been through about 50 miles so far and have been tested in soggy, wet conditions and even some technical terrain. See the rest of my update here.

Oboz Crest Low BDry Hiking Shoe

Crest Low BDry Hiking Shoe

The Oboz Crest Low Shoe is a waterproof, low-top hiking shoe. Designed for long miles on the trail, the shoe could be described as hybrid between a hiking boot and trail running shoe. Click here to see my initial review of the Crest Low Shoe.

Kaleb R.

Dare2B Outrival Ski Jacket











Dare2B left no stone unturned when they designed the Outrival Jacket.  They definitely thought of everything for anyone who hits the slopes. Read more….


Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes update

Review By Arnie P

Breakheart Reservation with Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes

Breakheart Reservation with Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes

Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes update

I like to start using a new pair of hiking shoes at the gym first to experience using the shoes under controlled conditions. I think this is especially true in cold weather when the shoe gets warmer in the gym and molds to my foot quicker. After 3 visits to the gym the Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes felt very comfortable on my feet. At the gym I can feel how well this shoe performs with different socks which would not be as easy to do while hiking on the trail. With my thinest socks, the shoes are slightly loose whereas with my thickest socks the shoes are snug fitting. With my medium weight wool socks which I wear for most of my hikes, the shoes fit the best which is something I like.

I have been wearing these shoes around my neighborhood, taking the dog out for walks, and going shopping locally. I have also attended a few seminars. I am able to go anywhere and feel comfortable with Oboz Traverse Low Bdry hiking shoes.  To read more please click here.