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Wenger Titanium 1 Knife Review

by: Dave D’Abate

Wenger Titanium 1 Knife Wenger’s new knifes dubbed the Titanium Line were created in collaboration with world-class climber Ueli Steck. From Wenger’s site:

We teamed up with Ueli Steck to create a tool that he uses to make final adjustments to his equipment. We dubbed it the Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife and shortly thereafter the TitaniumLine was born. The Titanium 1 features the same unique blade as Ueli’s knife. It’s 44% thicker than standard blades and is equipped with an amazing 6 functions. The Titanium 1 as created for the extremes and it is also extremely useful for everyday adventures. We invite you to take one along on YOUR next adventure.


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