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Wolverine Compass boots final update

Compass boots

uppers still in good shape after several months

July and August turned out to be very hot and dry and I rode my bike a lot more than I hiked.  However, I did wear the Wolverine Compass boots several more times, whether hiking for exercise or riding my Crank Forward bike. I also recently got a mountain bike and used the boots on a half dozen of those rides.  I know this may not sound like an ideal way to test a hiking boot but since I ended up walking up so many hills, I actually put in several miles this way.  They have continued to be one the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. To read the rest of the update along with the entire review please click here.


Coy Boy

Wolverine Compass Boot Update

Wolverine Compass Boot Update I have now worn these Wolverine boots enough to make a few observations.  The first one would have to be that these are extremely comfortable boots.  I had absolutely no problems with break in, which I have experienced with several other boots I have worn over the years.  Not that the other boots did not turn out to be very comfortable, but I don’t like having to suffer through weeks of discomfort like I have before.  I also found that despite being pretty big boots, I have not felt clumsy in them. Clumsy might not be the exact word I’m hunting but what I mean is that the boots are similar in feeling to wearing much smaller trail runners.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy