Topo Runventure 2 Running Shoes

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Topo Runventure 2 Running Shoes Review

I was pretty excited when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of Topo Runventure 2 shoes.  I already own two pair of Topo shoes so I knew what I was getting as far as quality and customer service.

What is TOPO?

Topo gets its name from Tom Post, the founder and CE with 40 years of experience in the business including gigs at Rockport and Vibram.  Post decided to start his own company focusing on creating shoes that work well with the body’s natural movement as well as foot shape.

Runventure 2

The Runventure 2 is a light cushioned, mild support, 0 drop trail shoe. Like some other companies, they have an attachment point for a gaiter you can purchase separately. There’s plenty of room for your toes in the toe box. There’s a bit of protection with the rock plate in the front of the shoe. Helpful for folks like me that sometimes forget to pick up their feet on the trail and hit rocks and tree roots.

What is a 0 drop shoe?

Let’s talk about the 0 drop for a minute.  A lot of the trail shoes these days are headed to low or 0 drop.  This is the height measurement from the heel to the forefoot. In comparison, most road running shoes have somewhere between a 10-12mm drop from heel to forefoot.  The advantage is it encourages you to run in a more natural form.

Flashy or Dull?

Something else that stands out about Topo shoes is the dull or flat colors if you will.  So many shoe companies come out with flashy shoes with bold and bright colors.  I will go as far as special ordering shoes so I can pick the least bold colors.  My thought process is during a race, runners that wear bold colors will not expect someone coming up in that last stretch to pass them right before the finish with a flat color shoe!  The Runventure 2 has a simple black and yellow color scheme which goes well with my black shorts and yellow handheld.

Initial Review

Due to work obligations, I’ve only ran once in the past 3 weeks where I typically run 3-4 times a week.  I did manage to sneak a run in on the first Sunday in June navigating to two different parks on a 7 mile loop.  I covered gravel, asphalt, and single track trail.  It was 70 degrees, humid, and overcast.  The shoes breathed very well with the wool socks I had on.  They felt very light on the feet.  With the minimal cushion, I’m anxious to see how they will feel on a longer run.  I’m (not really) training for a 35 miler in September so these shoes will see plenty of 15-20 milers soon.

patience, darlin’, patience

Stay tuned for the next review but in the meantime, make sure you check out Topo shoes.  If you like a little bit of cushion, some support, and a roomy toe box, this may be the shoe for you.

Final review

Where did the last 2 months go?  Right.  Work.   I feel like I owe everyone an apology that has anxiously been waiting for this follow up review.  After a warehouse move and several 70-80 hour weeks at work, I’m finally back to running at a consistent rate.

I’ve ran a few more times in these Runventure 2’s and I do like them.  I’ve done a variety of runs which included road, gravel, singletrack, and fire roads.  I’ve ran as few as 6 miles and as many as 12 miles in these shoes on runs.  Here’s what I like most.


The roomy toe box and breath-ability are probably my two most favorite features. I don’t have a very wide foot but my feet do swell a bit after a long run.  The toe box is wide enough to accommodate that swelling.  I always wear wool socks to prevent blisters and some shoes trap the heat and my feet end up sweaty during the run.  I don’t have that issue with this shoe.  I’m anxious to see if I’ll have an issue in the winter with cold feet.

I also like how lightweight they are.  There’s plenty of cushion but you can also feel the ground beneath you to make quick decisions for footing.  I ran some pretty technical trail recently and I did not notice any issues with the shoe.


I really only have one con at this time – color.  Come on, Topo!  Give us a little color!  I am a strong advocate for non-flashy running shoes.  The bright colors just don’t do it for me.  Like I said earlier, folks with dull shoes come up quick late in the race.   But on the other hand, these are the most boring shoes I own.  Granted, they do match my shorts and handheld which are black and yellow, but maybe a few more color options would help other runners make the switch.

Final Thoughts

Buy.  Lightweight.  Cushion.  Zero Drop.

Give Topo a shot.  This is my 3rd pair and probably my favorite for their versatility.  These shoes will see several miles of trails at in the back country at Mammoth Cave this fall.