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Final Update: GSI Stainless Camper

Fry pan set up on dock on the marsh and creek.

I was able to test out the GSI Stainless Camper in a different setting than I am used to. A trip to the South Carolina coast offered the chance to fry up a little bit of fresh caught seafood. This cook and eating set has been a blast to test and I have some final thoughts that you can check out by clicking here.

Kaleb R.

FirePit Rocker Update

FirePit Rocker Update

GCI FirePit Rocker by my campfire

One of the things that makes car camping fun is hanging out around the campfire.  The FirePit Rocker from GCI Outdoor makes hanging out around the campfire even better because it is super comfortable.  I like the ability to lounge with my legs straight out and gently rock back and forth while enjoying a beverage. To read more of my update click here.

Warbonnet Thunderfly

Warbonnet Thundefly I am usually so busy writing reviews of gear sent to me that I don’t find the time to write a review of gear I bought.  However, I have been so impressed with the Warbonnet Thundefly that I carved out the necessary time.  Lets just say I really like this hammock fly.  But to read all about it click here.

Coy Boy

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Review by Arnie P

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair provided for review.

Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair

The Timber Ridge XL Padded Zero Gravity chair arrived in a cardboard box with minimal markings and shipping information. The packaging comprised of a cardboard box, a thin plastic bag covering the chair and two Styrofoam blocks for secure transportation. glue and tape to hold the cardboard box together.

I slid the chair out of the box. I then picked up the chair from the back, the armrests slid down part way. I stepped to one side of the chair, and while holding the top of the back of chair, I applied a slight amount of pressure on the armrest until the armrests were sloping slightly upward toward the front of the chair. This is the normal chair position. I sat in the chair, checked that the locking mechanism under the armrests were released, put my feet on the front part of the chair near the floor and pushed forward to move the chair into the reclining positions. In the extended position my head was higher than my feet. The locks are easy to apply and as a recliner the chair can accommodate a wide range of positions. To read more please click here.

FINAL UPDATE FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle

Final Update FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle

I had the opportunity to use the FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle for several medium-length runs. All of the runs were completed under hot, humid conditions, and they were all in the 6 – 10-mile range.

The FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle was extremely comfortable to use. The strap did not make my hand feel hot. The bottle was securely fastened to the strap. It was easy to adjust the strap to fit my hand perfectly.

The nozzle of the water bottle was easy to drink from. This type of nozzle was used in other hydration systems I have owned. I did not have to slow down to a walk to drink from the nozzle, (unless I wanted to!) I have had problems in the past with leaking water bottles that leave my hand wet, but there were no leaks from the FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle.

The one feature that I could not use comfortably in the FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle system was the phone holder. My Samsung Galaxy S7 phone was securely held in the phone-holding straps of the system, but adding the phone caused the entire system to bounce as I ran. This was not comfortable, and I felt it was distracting. I suggest adding a small zipper pouch on the back of the FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle system to carry keys or a small snack rather than the phone holder.

Overall, I would highly recommend the FuelBelt Tech Fuel Hand-Held Running Water Bottle. It is an extremely comfortable way to carry hydration for medium-length runs.

To read the entire review, please click here.

FINAL UPDATE FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt

FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt

I have now had the opportunity to wear the FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt for several runs. The distances that I ran to test the belt ranged from 10 – 18 miles, and all of the runs were in hot, humid conditions.

This belt is, hands down, the most comfortable hydration belt I have ever used. The reasons that I like it so much are that it does not get hot underneath the belt, even in very hot conditions, and the bottles are held very securely in the belt. They do not bounce or jiggle as bottles tend to do in some hydration belts I have tried.

My phone was held securely in the front pouch and was easy to take out and put back in. There was also room in the pouch to hold some snacks (almonds and dried apricots) for the longer runs.

I did spot two potential problems on one of my runs that I did with a friend. I usually stop and walk when I take a drink from one of the bottles. Because my friend usually keeps running, I tried to run while I hydrated. When I slowed down to a walk, the bottles were easy to remove and replace from the belt. When I kept running, the bottles fit so snugly into the belt they were difficult to replace. I think the snugness of the bottle in the belt, however, is a good thing. It made the belt much more comfortable to wear. It does make them more difficult to replace into the belt, however.

The second problem was the difficulty my friend had drinking from the nozzle of the bottle when I shared my water with her. I tried to coach her through the process, but she eventually had to unscrew the cap to drink. I did not have any trouble drinking through the nozzle, but I usually unscrew the cap to drink too. This might be a drawback.

I enthusiastically recommend the FuelBelt Ergo Hydration Running Belt. After using it for a race and several medium-to-long runs, it is my go-to source of hydration in hot, humid weather.

To read the full review, please click here.