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BushCraft 101 by Dave Canterbury

bushcraft 101 I like the way this book is laid out.  On the back cover he mentions what he calls the 5 Cs of survivability; cutting tools, covering elements, combustion devices, containers and cordage.  Throughout the book different elements of these 5 Cs are covered.  To read the rest of the review please click here.

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HI-TEC Coyote WP shoes a last look

Review by Arnie P

Hi-TEC Coyote WP shoes in Harold Parker state forest

Hi-TEC Coyote WP shoes in Harold Parker state forest

HI-TEC Coyote WP shoes

The HI-TEC Coyote WP shoes were provided for reviews purposes.

I was recently reminded by someone at the gym who reads my reviews that he had not seen my last look at the Coyote WP shoes.  It is a little late but that means more time for testing.  I have continued doing most of the activities of the last test period adding a few hikes in the Harold Parker State Forest.  In the first month of this test period I wore these shoes on alternate days, I have enjoyed all the time I have spent in the HI-TEC Coyote WP shoes. A rough estimate would be about 700 hours.  To read more click here.


Detours Fremonster Pannier Update

Its been a few months since I started my review.  It was a summer of my riding being interrupted by injuries, but it still saw plenty of use.

IMG_20140908_102407_439  I had to take the hose to the Fremonster Panniers, but all for a good cause.  Check out how well its held up over the summer!  Read the update HERE.

The Detours Fremonster Pannier was provided for review purposes.  Chris D

Zamst HA-1 Run sock

Zamst HA-1 Run

Zamst HA-1 Run

The Zamst HA-1 Run sock reminds me a little of an ace bandage.  Well, not exactly, but the support strips are well defined. The packaging says it is good for injury/prevention of Planter Faciitis.  According to the website information “The HA-1’s functional support and unique knitting technology stabilizes the heel in a neutral position and lifts up the arch of the foot to prevent it from leaning inward. Click here to read the rest of the review.

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Zamst AT-1 Ankle

Zamst AT-1 Ankle The Zamst AT-1 Ankle looks a lot like a brace you might wear for a sprained ankle.  The box says it is good for injury/prevention of Achilles Tendinitis.  I requested they send me anything that might be good for Planter Faciitis so I assume this brace can help by supporting the heel. Please click here to read the rest of my review.

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My Chacos Women’s ZX/1 Sandals

My Chacos Full

Ever wanted to design a pair of custom sandals? Check out My Chacos. The design possibilities are endless.

Take a look here at my experience so far. 

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