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Final Update – TOPO Athletic Oterro

TOPO Atrhletic shoes If the photo of this mismatched pair of shoes does not get your attention then you probably wont be interested in my final update.  For the rest, you can click here to read my final thoughts on what has to be one of the best hiking shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.

Coy Boy

Weather @ Home weather station a last look

Review by Arnie P

Weather @ Home weather station

Weather @ Home weather station

Weather @ Home weather station a last look

The Weather @ Home weather station was provided for review purposes.

About a month has passed and it’s time to take a last look at the weather station. As mentioned in my last report I did move the remote sensor to my cellar about 10 feet from my wood pellet stove. Initially I was surprised but it did not take me long to figure what was happening. I will get into this soon. I will get into humidity readings and what I hope to learn about the insulating properties of my house with the aid of this weather station.  To read more.

After the Fall

Article by Arnie P

ready for New England weather

ready for New England weather

I often get asked about my favorite hiking season or location. It seems no matter how often I am asked I have think before answering. The main reason is that I don’t have a favorite season but if I think of particular places then I find that each one has good times of the year for being there. Since my playground is New England this discussion will be how I look at the outdoors of New England as a yearly repeating cycle. I have selected when the leaves have fallen as the beginning of my discussion.  To read more.


Final Update on the My Chacos Women’s ZX/1 Sandals

My Chacos Tag Check out my final update on the My Chacos Women’s ZX/1 Sandals. I have enjoyed wearing these over the past two months.

Read more here.

Jenn K.

BioLite Fall Camping Giveaway



From our friends at BioLite:

BioLite has a Fall Camping Giveaway live this week!  Link to the giveaway is here: http://biolitestove.com/giveaway/
The Prize Pack includes a BioLite KettleChargeMountain House Dehydrated Meals, and 3 Nights stay at any KOA Kampground (including their deluxe cabins).
Check out this article about how you can make  dehydrated meals extra tasty: http://biolitestove.com/news-press/news-events/news/just-add-water.html

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

Check out the first part of the review of the GSI  Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

– How does it live up to the companies claims?  Will it keep my drinks hot?  Let’s see…  To read the review, click HERE.






This product was received for review purposes.