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Oregon Scientific Weather @ Home Bluetooth Weather Station update

Review by Arnie P

Oregon Scientific  Weather @ Home Bluetooth Weather Station update

The testing of the Oregon Scientific Weather @ Home Bluetooth Weather Station update is interesting as well as one requiring some patience. I will go more into these details later. The sensor is located outside my house under the protective eaves above the side entrance of my house. This entrance is on the north side so temperatures are not affected by the sun. I will divide my discussion into what worked, what I had problems with and what I would like to see.  To read more please click here.


The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Do you take your pet hiking with you?  If its a dog, or a cat (does anyone hike with a cat?) you might want to check out The Honest Kitchen.  They make dehydrated – read ‘lightweight’ pet foods.  I ordered a sample, and want to share what Roxie and I found. Read my review HERE.

Victorinox Evogrip S17 Swiss Army Knife

Check out my initial thoughts on the new Victorinox Evogrip S17 Swiss Army knife.  Cool knife with lots of gadgets.
Read the full review here


Brian T

Try some sparkling fermented tea.

Kombucha Wonder Drink Peach Kombucha Wonder Drink-Sparkling Fermented Tea

Kombucha contains naturally occurring acids that can help detoxify and energize. Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast.

Check out this wonder drink here. 

By Jenn K. 

Update on the My Chacos ZX/1 Women’s Sandals

My Chacos Tag  Take a look at the update on the My Chacos ZX/1 Women’s Sandals here.

By Jenn K. 

Bogs Plimsoll Women’s Boot

Plimsoll by Bogs

Plimsoll by Bogs

Ready for Fall?  I am!  I received the Bogs Plimsoll women’s boot to review, and I was all ready for a typical, wet, Maine fall.  So far, its the driest September in 60 years. I’m actually hoping for some rain very soon, or I may have to go play in the river.  They are the low cut version, coming to a few inches above the top of my ankle.  So far, the boots are comfortable and feel well cushioned.  Read my initial review HERE.