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Light My Fire…


Airlighter in use.  Photo taken from Bison Company website.

Airlighter in use. Photo taken from Bison Company website.

Ever need to start a fire quickly?  Tired of fumbling with matches, especially when your hands are cold?  Check out the new Airlighter from The Bison Company.  I have a terrible time lighting fires, and have found some unique features on the Airlighter.  Read about them HERE.


[sn] super.natural M BASE LS 175

Review by Arnie P

[sn] super.natural MBase LS 175

[sn] super.natural MBase LS 175

The M BASE LS 175 was provided by [sn] super.natural for review purposes.

Since this is the first appearance of this company on our web site I did some research on the company as I had not heard of it before. It is a company founded in Europe in 2012. They started in North America in the Fall of 2014. They are posturing themselves as an innovator in wool apparel. The process they use in manufacturing has been certified by Bluesign. (bluesign.com) Basically the process focuses on the elimination of harmful chemicals before they enter into the manufacturing process.  [sn] super.natural M BASE LS 175 is one of many products made by this company.  To read more.

Arnie survives the SkooKumchuck Trail solo

Article by Arnie P

Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lafayette (5260 feet)

Skookumchuck Trail

Recently I was going through some old emails in my hiking folder. I came across a story about a hiker that got lost in the Mt. Lafayette area. It reminded me of a near disastrous hike I had in the same area. I will get more into that story after I relate my experience which happened several years before his experience. Most stories that get publicized are about the victims of an outdoor adventure. In a survivors story the hiker often does not know how close he was to becoming a victim. Survivors can tell us how they coped in a difficult situation.


Every year I spend the first week in May at the Mittersill Alpine Resort in Franconia New Hampshire. On Saturday afternoon I was checking out the Skookumchuck trailhead. It was mid afternoon and I was surprised to see 2 men heading for the trailhead. After a brief conversation I learned they were going to camp just below the tree line and bag Mt. Lafayette and return the next day. I told them I was going to do a day hike the following day so I should be meeting them on their way back to the parking lot. I have hiked this trail before in the summer and early fall. It is a steady uphill climb till you reach the summit of .Mt. Lafayette. There are a lot of trees on this trail until the tree line and then it is bare rock. What I like most about this trail is there are no really steep inclines, just a constant moderate slope. There are several small stream crossings. I never understood why this trail was not more popular.  To read more.

Final Update: belega Hidden Comfort and Dry Sock

TOPO 1 I am pretty late with my final update but the upside is that I have now worn the balega Hidden Comfort socks enough to fairly say that that are outstanding socks.  With cooler weather I have worn them less because I have been wearing boots more, but before that I was in low top shoes most of the time.  I wore them in several different types of shoes, from casual loafers and trail runner type hiking shoes to dress shoes.  To read the rest of the update please click here.

Coy Boy


B-Line Pack Update

BLine FrontThe B-Line Pack has been used during my commute home via bike on my single speed mountain bike. I utilized it during these commutes to carry additional gear that will not fit on my rear bike rack. I have also utilized it while mountain biking.

Read more here.

By Jenn K.

Final Update – TOPO Athletic Oterro

TOPO Atrhletic shoes If the photo of this mismatched pair of shoes does not get your attention then you probably wont be interested in my final update.  For the rest, you can click here to read my final thoughts on what has to be one of the best hiking shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.

Coy Boy