Tuning In While Tuning Out

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By Suzanne Simmons

Are you the kind of person who just can’t imagine life without your iPod? Or without music? If so, then the CyFi is the perfect addition for all of your outdoor adventures. The CyFi is a wireless speaker designed to work with your iPod or any bluetooth-enable device. The speaker itself is 6″ by 9″ and then there is a separate transmitter that plugged in to my iPod that is roughly 1″ by 1.5″. The bluetooth version links to your device without the need for any other equipment. The coolest thing about the bluetooth version is that you are able to use it for making hands-free calls with your voice-enabled phone. Now, you may ask yourself why the heck you’d need that? However, imagine that you are riding your road bike for an entire day cranking up tons of miles. If you are supposed to get an important call, do you not go or stop to answer it? Why not just keep on doing what you’re doing and answer it at the same time? Crazy, I know. But that’s just the sort of thing that I could imagine doing with this amazing gadget.

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