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Update: United by Blue The Ultimate American Sock

IMG_1869 After a month of almost constant wear, I’m happy to report that my United by Blue, Ultimate American bison down socks are holding up well – and are even more comfortable than when they were new.  We haven’t had much cold weather yet, but the socks have done well to keep my feet comfortable – and not too warm! Check out my update HERE.

Socks were provided for review purposes by United by Blue

Update: HydroFlask

Check out the update for the 18 oz HydroFlask.  Its been keeping my food and drinks warm while I wait for winter to get to Northern New England.  I’m enjoying the nice weather, but its made reviewing some things a bit interesting.  Read what I’ve found out so far HERE.

The HydroFlask was supplied for review purposes.

Who’s Calling?

Inside of case "For the Explorer in All of Us"

Inside of case “For the Explorer in All of Us”

Keep your phone safe, and charged and you won’t have to wonder – just answer the phone!  There is nothing more frustrating than a phone that is bulky, slippery, or hard to hold on to. Unless of course its a tangled up charging cord.

I’m trying out the Lander Powell iPhone case and Neve charging cable.   Read the first part of the review HERE

These items were supplied for review purposes.

Winterin’ in Winter Harbor

Sperry Women's Winter Harbor Boot

Sperry Women’s Winter Harbor Boot

Boots that is.  Warm, waterproof, stylish boots. Sperry sent a pair of Women’s Winter Harbor Boots for review purposes.  Now, all I need is some winter weather. Its getting colder in Maine, but no snow yet, and barely any rain.  Read the first part of my review, then check back in about a month for my thoughts on the boots after I get some real use.  Its Maine, it has to snow in December, right??

~Mariah J


How To Survive a Fall through Ice

Many of us live in areas where ponds and lakes freeze over during the winter.  My family and friends snowshoe, cross country ski, spend time ice fishing and snow mobiling across local lakes.  Although we are careful to not go on the lake until there is a thick layer of ice, accidents happen.   A fall through the ice and into a lake can be dangerous any time of year, but dealing with very cold water and air temperatures makes it even more of a danger.   The US Swim Schools Association has shared some great tips with us, and we hope you’ll all read and remember them – just in case!  Read the tips HERE and be prepared.

How Wet are Your Feet?

Force Dry DX by Dryguy

Force Dry DX by Dryguy

If they are wet from snow, rain or sweat, you need to check out the DryGuy Force Dry DX boot and glove dryer.  It could be the solution to wet, cold, stinky feet.  Not to mention no one wants to put their feet in boots that haven’t dried from the day before.  That’s just nasty, and builds up all sorts of gross things inside your boots.  I also believe that dry boots last longer than ones that break down from being wet frequently.

Check out the first part of the review HERE.

This item was provided for review purposes.