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Intro to Hammock Camping

First thing, I’ll give a little personal history in our dive into hammock camping.  2-3 years ago I borrowed a Hennessy Hammock from a friend to try out in our back yard.  It was a relatively sleepless night as being one who has spent their whole life sleeping in a tent on the {shudder} ground, I kept thinking I was going to wake up to a deer, moose, or bear staring at me through my bug net!

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Lights, Camera, LumeCube

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not the best photographer.  I know the ‘rules’ but don’t have the ‘eye’.  Lighting always throws me.  I think there’s enough, and end up with pictures of darkness, or I think its too dark and miss shots I’d love to capture.  So, I just read about this new product, that’s still a bit ‘hush-hush’.  I can tell you a few things, and when I get my hands on one to review (by the end of October), I’ll be able to tell (and show) you how it works.  Its made to work with your Go-Pro, camera on your smartphone or regular digital camera.
The facts:


(from will be released on November 11, 2015, but there was a soft launch in Australia today.  It appears to have some really great features, and could be useful to professional photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone who ever needs more light to take a decent picture or video.  I’m including some specifications below, but definitely check out their webpage, and video:


Single LumeCube

Single LumeCube, can be used in multiples or mounted.

  • App-controlled LED light for capturing both stills and videos (available in iOS and Android formats)
  • Compatible with smartphone cameras, action cams and traditional digital cameras
  • Measuring only one-and-a-half inches
  • Waterproof
  • 1,500+ lumens of light in both video mode and in strobe mode.
  • Highly durable, light-weight
I believe there will be 3 configurations available.  Check out, or their Facebook page at  Make sure to stop back the beginning of November to see what the LumeCube can do!

Hiking San Francisco

author and fallen redwood

Those Redwoods Sure are Heavy!

Places to hike in the San Francisco area, by guest writer Alex Genadinik.

Where to Hike in and Around San Francisco

San Francisco and the Bay Area are known to have great outdoors unlike any other place in the world.  One big reason that accounts for many of the unique qualities of northern California nature is its proximity to the Pacific Ocean.  Most places in the world have a dry season where there is almost no rain that brings moisture to the vegetation.  While the Bay Area also has a pretty long dry season, the fog that comes in from the ocean provides enough moisture to help the giant redwood trees and many other plants to thrive throughout the Bay Area.

Here are some great outdoor spots to hike and experience when visiting San Francisco and Bay Area.  Read the rest of the article.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Have We Got a Deal for You!

I wanted to share this new site ( with you all, since it fits in so many ways.  They carry items you could use on your next outdoor adventure – sporks, water bottles, reusable food containers and a whole lot more! The folks over at have offered our readers a discount on any items purchased until October 30th. used to be known as  Now they have a lot of new and different items, all geared towards reducing waste (and clutter).   I’m thinking of doing some holiday shopping and using the discount code: 15GRANDOPEN for 15% off the total purchase.  I think you’ll be surprised at all the different items they carry.

The site also has a couple of helpful features; DIY (do-it-yourself) section to help reduce consumption in creative ways
and a  “Shop by Disposables Replaced” section that lets you search according to the item you would like to replace.   I try to be as ‘green’ as possible, but I am honestly really motivated by to reduce, because I live in a small house, and hate clutter.  So, if I can accomplish 2 goals at once, all the better!

I’d love to hear what you end up with ~ leave a comment if you want to share.

I have no real connection to, I just think its a great idea, and I wanted to share the discount and pass the word!

Help Eureka! Send Tents to Haiti

Eureka! tents is donating tents to the OAISIS Institute in Haiti for each new fan on Facebook.  These tents will help house orphans who lost their parents during the earthquake.

Participation in the “Sheltering Haiti 2010” program takes less than a minute:

1)             For every 20 new fans that join the Eureka! page, one tent will be donated to the OASIS camp in Haiti.

2)            For every five (5) pictures or videos posted to the Eureka! Facebook page, one tent will be donated to the OASIS camp. Videos and pictures should detail an enjoyable, exciting or memorable Eureka! camping experience or demonstrate how to set up any Eureka! model tent.

To become a Eureka! Facebook fan please visit:!/pages/Eureka/314399754758?v=wall&ref=ts

Help Eureka! send 100 tents!!

All in one device – Droid Eris

I recently got a Droid Eris through Verizon and love it. I’ve had it about about a month and it does everything in one platform. Its a GPS, Map, Geocaching, hiking, workout tracker, mp3 player and picture/video machine!

I started a discussion on our forums and listed the apps I like/Use the most for the outdoors.
Droid Eris

Let me know what you think!!

Brian T