Hiker Hunger Hammock Set

Hiker Hunger Outfitters Hammock Set
Review by Brian T


The Hiker Hunger hammock set consists of one double hammock, two D ring carabiners, two treestraps, and a carry bag for both the hammock and tree straps. The website list a couple of different measurements for the hammock and gear, so I’m not sure which one is correct. It says the hammock is 10 ft long, or 11 ft long, and 6.5 feet wide. The rated capacity is either 500, or 600 pounds. They say the straps are rated at 300 lbs each, so 600 lbs total. The hammock material says it is made from 210 nylon taffeta in on spot, but then it says 75D Nylon Taffeta in another point on the website but has a 210 thread count for sheet softness. The straps are 10 foot long even though the website says 10 inch straps, and the carabiners are marked as 24 kN, but again the website says 5 kN. It is light-weight, breathable and quick drying according to the website also.

carabiner with HH logo

All that said, the hammock seems well made, and I have no doubts to the strengths of the materials. It has been a while since I have set up a hammock. This hammock comes with its own stuff sack that is sewn into the side of the hammock. The tree straps came in their own bag. I would have liked to see a little bit larger hammock bag that would fit both the straps and the hammock and keep it in one convenient location.

Hammock set up

Deploying the hammock was easy. Finding the right trees proved a little tougher. The first trees were too close. The second set of trees were good, and the third set, where I hung over the creek were almost on the too far side.

Hanging the hammock was easy, wrap the tree straps around a tree and through the end loop and you are set. I like to off set the strap just a little bit to get a bite in the tree, where the strap bends back over itself slightly.
tree strap on tree

I found when setting up the hammock, it does seem to stretch a lot. I hang it about shoulder high, and it tends to sag a couple of feet when I get in it. I’m not light, roughly 225 lbs and 5 ft 7 inches tall. I wear a 46 inch jacket, and the hammock felt tight on my shoulders when I got inside it. I took two photos and superimposed them over each other to demonstrate the sage when I get in it. So I will be experimenting with different heights and lengths to see which is optimal to hang this hammock from.

I made quick video of me setting up. Enjoy.

Check back soon for my next report in about a month.

Brian T