Pop Up Camper

A while back I bought a 1983 Viking Little Gasser pop up camper. Its been under repair for a few months now, but it is finally camp worthy. Its been an adventure to say the least from the first set up and finding girly mags and bongs to trying to find a paint that will stick.

Today I finished painting two of the four support poles. They were all rust coated, but fortunately its just surface rust. It knocks off easily with a wire wheel. I used a spray can of plasti dip. Its ok, is a bit heftier than standard spray paint and provides a plastic feel to the touch. Once I finish up the supports, I will re coat the roof to ensure I don’t have any leaks. However today, I broke the vent in the roof, so I have to get a new one before I finish it up.

I finally took it out on its maiden voyage the other day. We went to aplace called Cutty’s Resort down by Salida, Colorado. I have some pictures from that, but dont have access to put them up right now. I will in a few days.

In the mean time enjoy some pics of the remodel.

Lil Gasser Pics


3 Responses to Pop Up Camper

  1. still got the gasser? wanna sell? fort collins CO here, thanks

  2. Gini Raymond

    I just bought an ’84 little gasser today and am very excited. It looks alot like yours. It is in good repair, and just needs a little clean up and minor work. We will probably camp in it this weekend! Have you replaced the mattresses? I was wondering with what? I have been contemplating getting some 4 inch memory foam from walmart, but am worried about the thinkness and ability to close the top of the camper. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely.

  3. I have a 1984 Viking Little Gasser Cl. Bought it for 400. Put new decking in for the births, new wheels and bearings. Rewired it myself. All the fabric was in awesome shape so just had them dry cleaned. Hated the vinyl so I laid new vinyl and installed stained shoe mold to match. I took out the ice box and put in a nox fridge. I wanted a/c but a roof top model was too expensive and I did not want to cut into the frame and alter the vintage look, so I bought a portable ac and sit it on top of the fridge area. Vent it out the side window and it cools it down quick. All in all, I have 1,500 invested in it for parts and actual cost of buying the camper. All restore work was done by me, since I am a contractor, just treated it as a mini house. I love it, and will keep it for as long as I can.

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