Tablecloth Hammock DIY and Camping Hammocks!!


Yup, that’s what I said, a tablecloth hammock.  I read about this DIY project on HammockForums website and did a quick search on YouTube and found this video that was perfect: 3 Minute Hammock

Essentially, you order a 60×126″ krinkle taffeta tablecloth from Tablecloth Factory online for about $15 each and if you want to go really easy, you just take the ends and fold into a W shape, then fold each of the outer wings twice, bunch that all up and slip a continuous loop through itself around that.  Then attach that loop to whatever suspension strap system you use.  I initially used ratchet straps from my truck, but there are fancy suspension systems available online that are very light for backpacking.

The more “correct” and durable way of doing the tablecloth hammock is to fold down about an inch of fabric and pin it, then sew that down, thread a zip tie through the channel after, and tighten that up and you get this professional looking gathered end.  I did that method second and it works fabulous!  See below:





I recently got into this whole hammock camping thing.  It’s AMAZING and it’s so much better sleeping off the ground instead of a tent!  One key element to know when laying in the hammock is you lay DIAGONAL!!!!  This makes it a basically flat lay which most people don’t realize.  Even on those big rope hammocks, try laying diagonally and it is so comfortable and way more stable.  There are many manufacturers of quality camping hammocks out there now.  They often include bug nets and rain flies.  We are purchasing camping hammocks, the Blackbird series to be specific, from Warbonnet Outdoors who are out of Colorado and make all their hammocks in house.  But there are many other small manufacturers and also larger ones with hammocks made overseas which are good as well.  The best known is Hennessy Hammocks and I have used their camping hammocks before.  They work great and have lot’s of great features.  Below is a Hennessy I borrowed for a solo overnight:

IMG_20160710_185641009 (1)


Enjoy a hang sometime soon!