Final Update: Icebreaker Rush Bra

Icebreaker Rush Bra

Image obtained from the manufacturer's website.

The Rush Bra has been worn for another month in Southern California while fitness walking, road cycling, and mountain biking.

Check out how I am liking the Rush Bra here.

By Jenn K.

Primus ExpressLander White Gas Stove

Review by Arnie P

ExpressLander and primary parts

ExpressLander and primary parts

The ExpressLander was provided was provided by Primus for review purposes.

The ExpressLander runs on white gas.  The stove is made mostly of metal and appears very durable.  It claims to still be one of the lightest white gas stoves on the market.  The package contains a stove, heat reflector, fuel pump, multi tool, and a nylon bag.  I did not find the multi tool in my box.  Inquiries were made and I received the tool a few days later.  I was also provided with a fuel tank with a capacity of 1 L.

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Geigerrig RIG 1600

The folks who have designed the Geigerrig RIG 1600 thought of everything.  It is a very comfortable bag with plenty of storage and a great hydration system.   Read more…


The RIG 1600 was supplied by Geigerrig for review purposes.

Review by: Ron J

Update Baja Baffin Trails to Rapids hiking shoes

Review by Arnie P

first hike with Baja shoes at Great Brook Farm
first hike with Baja shoes at Great Brook Farm

 I have been using the Baja Baffin shoes daily and all day since I have received them.  I have been on several hikes with my backpack loaded to simulate   backpacking conditions.  I found that on these hikes I did not feel uncomfortable due to my being able to feel the rocks through the soles of the shoe.  These hikes were typical of most conditions I would find backpacking.

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Platypus Origin 9 Hydration pack Update

Pack from behind So how has this pack performed over the last month? In a word “Great”! I have posted the second of three installments to this review and invite you to read it here.

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes

Final Update: Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus Watch

TECH4O Watch Another month has gone by and I have been enjoying the Tech4o watch during my fitness walks, hikes, and walks at the beach. I am very familiar with the settings/functions now and I rarely need to reference the manual. 

Read my final update on the Tech4o Accelerator Pro Plus Watch here.

Jenn K.