What’s Cooking?

Read about the new Ketalist from GSI.   It may just be everything you could need to carry for food preparation and consumption while on the trail or camping. Read the Review by Andy B

What’s New?

For quite a while, I’ve wanted to have more articles to go along with all our great gear reviews.  Finding the time has been the main hold up.  What to write about?  Well, obviously outdoor info, right?  But I didn’t want to give up my outdoor time, as limited as it is.  On my last hike I got thinking about WHY being outdoors was important to me.  Memories of time spent with my father is up there, along with good times spent with my children as they grew up. I truly enjoy the time I get to spend outdoors.  I am not a high adventure, ultra-light backpacker, nor do I kayak class 5 rapids.  I spend time outdoors to recharge my batteries, get some exercise and spend time with people I enjoy.  I’m curious though – why do you spend time outdoors?  Are you one who likes the physical challenge?  Or the peace and quiet?  I’d love to hear what being outdoors and active does for you.  There is no ‘right’ answer.   I hope that whatever your reason, you find information on 4alloutdoors.org that is useful to you.  Feel free to make suggestions, or submit ideas for an article you’d like to write. Leesa