Out Of The Blue Sunglasses

by Chris Rapchick

Sunglasses were provided by Out Of The Blue Eyewear for review

As a fisherman, I find polarized sunglasses to be a necessity. They are almost as important as my favorite rod and reel or my overflowing tackle bag
for a successful day on the water. I tend to be rough on my equipment
and since I fish in saltwater, my gear sees quite a bit of abuse
from the elements too. Needless to say, I’ve been through my fair
share of sunglasses and have pretty high standards when it comes to
the all too important optics for fishing. Whether it be, taking the
glare off the water to see fish, shielding my eyes from splashing
saltwater while running in 3 ft seas, keeping the sun out of my eyes
while tossing grubs, or just plain looking cool, sunglasses are a key
factor for my fishing experience.

I recently received a pair of Out Of The Blue Sunglasses to review and
have already fallen in love with them.  The Marauder Polarized glasses
have been wonderful to wear, especially while fishing.  These glasses
boast a strong polycarbonate frame and tough metal hinges. A part of
the Signature Collection, these frames come in tortoise, black or
white with scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses with maximum UVA/B
protection.  The polarization of the lenses is another big plus as it
allows wearers to see through the suns glare.

I have fished hard the past three days with these sunglasses and have
been extremely impressed with them thus far.  The polarization of the
lenses took the glare off the water, allowing me to see fish and
underwater structure that some of my fishing partners could not see.
The ability to see the structure and the fish near the surface helped
me to catch more fish, which, of course, is the ultimate goal of any
fisherman.  I also am a fan of the metal hinges on the frames as they
are more resilient than standard built in hinges.  The metal and
saltwater may not mix well, but I will touch on that in future
reviews.  With the polycarbonate scratch resistant lenses, I feel
confident that they can take whatever abuse I can throw at them,
especially the grit of the sand and saltwater.  The polycarbonate
frames seem pretty strong and resilient to abuse, however, I noticed
that when I put my floating neoprene strap on the arms, they slid
right off.  I fixed this by putting some tape around the ends of the
arms, giving the neoprene strap something to hold onto.  These glasses
should be a pleasure to fish with.

These sunglasses from Out Of The Blue have a comfortable feel, stylish
look and strong construction.  From my first time looking at them out
of the box, till wearing them as I write this review, I have been
impressed with these sunglasses.  With a pricetag that won’t break the
bank, you’re getting a great product that you’ll enjoy wearing.  If
you are looking for a quality pair of shades, I’d recommend looking
into the sunglass selection offered by Out Of The Blue Eyewear

Be sure to check back in a month to see how they’re holding up!

Polarmax PMX TransDry Baselayer

by: Dave D’Abate

Polarmax TransDry

Wicking cotton? Yes, that’s right, you read it correctly. Finally wicking cotton is a reality for every outdoor enthusiast. Polarmax, a company that has been making performance baselayers for more than 35 years has joined in partnership with Cotton Incorporated to create the first wicking cotton apparel. TransDry is guaranteed to be more breathable and dry faster than its competing synthetic styles.  Polarmax and Cotton Incorporated achieve this breakthrough fabric by using a half-treated, half-untreated thread that is interwoven to create the fabric.  Where the untreated thread retains the ability to absorb moisture over a large surface area, the treated thread resists water retention, helping the moisture to spread farther across the fabric and dry quickly.

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Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Review by Arnie

The Light My Fire Titanium Spork was provided by reuseit.com for review purposes.

Titanium Spork in package

Titanium Spork in package

My fascination with Titanium products was rekindled 4 years ago when I returned to backpacking. I did some research and found a lot to like about Titanium. It is very strong for its weight. It is toxic free. The metal is non porous and does not scratch easily. Most of all it is easy to clean.
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