Warming up with Wonder Warmers

Wonder Warmers

Wonder Warmers (Size Small)

By Suzanne

Reuseit.com, which is an awesome site to find anything eco-friendly, recently hooked me up with a set of Wonder Warmers to try out. I don’t know if you have been watching the weather lately, but we have been hit with a lot of cold temperatures here in Maine lately (and absolutely no snow). I’m typically against using portable/chemical heating pads because I don’t like the waste that they cause. Fortunately the Wonder Warmers are completely reusable. To read about my latest trip outdoors with them, you can read the whole report by clicking here or you can read about just the Wonder Warmers by clicking here.

Keeping My Hands Warm with the Dakine Comet Method Women’s Gloves

Dakine Comet Method Women's Gloves

Dakine Comet Method Women's Gloves

By Suzanne

The temperatures here in Maine lately have been downright frigid (below 20 degrees most days) and having gloves/mittens no matter what you are doing outside is just about mandatory. The Comet Method Gloves have been my “go to” gloves every single morning that I go out, not just when I am heading for the mountains. They do not limit my mobility as much as other, heavier gloves typically do. I have no problem wearing them while driving or holding on to my trekking poles when heading up a mountain. The GoreTex membrane means that my hands stay nice and dry, but don’t wind up getting terribly sweaty thanks to the breathability of it. They are the absolutely perfect multipurpose glove.

Click here to read more about my thoughts on the Dakine Comet Method Women’s Gloves.

A Winter Wandering in Maine

by Suzanne

On Firewarden's Trail up Pleasant Mountain in Maine

On Firewarden's Trail up Pleasant Mountain in Maine

The snow is starting to stick to the ground. The temperatures in the morning have been hovering in the mid-teens. Winter has definitely arrived here in Maine even if it isn’t December 21st yet. Unlike a lot of people around my area that seem to dread the cold and can’t drive as soon as the first snow flake falls, I live for winter. The mountains get calmer. The trail heads less crowded. And I can often go for hours on the trail without seeing a soul. It’s just the way I like my time in the mountains (most of the time).

To hear more about my first day out in the mountains during this winter season and Digby’s last day of the year, click here.

Taking a Run with the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3.0 for Women

By Suzanne

Saucony ProGrid Guide 3.0 for Women

Saucony ProGrid Guide 3.0 for Women

I am a reluctant runner and have a history of not wonderful knees that have kept me from even considering running as being something that I would ever enjoy. However, in an effort to shape up, I actually decided to give it a shot. The most important part of running to keep you happy and healthy is a sturdy pair of good running shoes. Fortunately for me, Saucony hooked me up with the ProGrid Guide 3.0 to help me get started. I made sure to visit my local running store first to make sure they fit correct and then I was off and running. Literally.

Click here to read about my initial thoughts about the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3.0 for Women and to hear about how I’m putting them through their paces.

Princeton Tec Push bike light update

Princeton Tec Push mounted on my road bike So far I am liking the Princeton Tec Push just fine.  Unfortunately, about 2 weeks after getting the light the weather really went south…and I have not been riding much at all in the daytime, much less at night.   Regardless, I did manage to do a couple of night rides during those first few weeks. One was off the mountain and I found my initial assessment of the light at speed was correct.  To read the rest of the review please click here.

Coy Boy

Update on the Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable 16 oz. Mug

Aladdin Transform Mug

For the past month I have been enjoying my daily java in the Aladdin Transform Recycled and Recyclable Mug.

This mug is made with recycled plastics, BPA free, dishwasher/microwave safe, and is good for the environment.

Check out how I am liking this mug here.

Jenn K.