Biggs and Riley Duffle…….One Last Look


Danielle Dento n

           I have absolutely loved this duffle bag and have used it on every trip I have taken since getting it.  It is the perfect size for a quick trip to my parents’ or on a fun four day climbing trip.  It is very versatile, has great packing ability, and is easy to carry. I haven’t had any issues with it at all and it gets used almost every week.  I pack it completely full and it can handle it and is still easy for me to carry long distances. 


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Update #1-Native Dash XP Sunglasses

Finding and not losing a good pair of sunglasses is difficult for me.  So far the Native Dash XP Sunglasses have been a great pair and I have enjoyed them so much that they have rarely been off my head (no chance to lose them).  Recent trips on the backwaters of Beaufort, SC and the Horsepasture River in Western, NC have given me a closer look at these glasses from Native Eyewear. Click here to see my update on how the Native Dash XP Sunglasses have been performing.

-Kaleb R.

Geigerrig Rig 500

This hydration system doesn’t suck and I mean that literally.  Geigerrig has changed the way that that hydration systems work.  With a pressurized water bladder system, you don’t have to worry about having to constantly suck on the nozzle to get the water that you need like in traditional water hydration systems.  Check out my review here on the Geigerrig Rig 500 pack and “Hydration Engine” to see just why this hydration system doesn’t suck!

-Kaleb R.

MSR Pocket Rocket Update

breakfast of coffee and oatmeal

breakfast of coffee and oatmeal

First of all, let me apologize for being so late with this update.  I used the Pocket Rocket on two short overnight trips back in early spring, then got busy with gardening etc and before I knew it, it was too hot to really enjoy hiking. I thought I might get a chance to do some hiking in the mountains where it is slightly cooler but every time I planned something, a family emergency or something would prevent my going.  When I finally got a chance to go on an extended camping trip it was not a backpacking trip, but at this point anything would be better then nothing. To read the rest of the update please click here.

Aquapac Small Stormproof Pouch–Final Update

Tired of worrying about keeping your phone or wallet in a cheap plastic sandwich bag when you hit the trails? This simple rollover water-proof, air-tight bag has been in my pack on every adventure I have taken for the past three months.  From the mountains to the beach, the Stormproof Pouch has kept my small valuables, mainly my smartphone, safe from the elements, no matter where I have taken it.  Check out my final update on the pouch here.

-Kaleb R.

Final Update: Icebreaker Rush Bra

Icebreaker Rush Bra

Image obtained from the manufacturer's website.

The Rush Bra has been worn for another month in Southern California while fitness walking, road cycling, and mountain biking.

Check out how I am liking the Rush Bra here.

By Jenn K.