Update on the Badger SPF 30 Unscented Face Stick

Badger Face Stick

Even with the record amount of rain we received in Southern California over the past few weeks; I was still able to enjoy a few sunny days in the outdoors protecting myself with the Badger Face Stick. I used the face stick on three long mountain bike rides lasting over four hours and while walking at the beach.

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Jenn K.

Update on Columbia Bugathermo Techlite boots

by Arnie P

going up Blueberry Mountain

going up Blueberry Mountain

Columbia Bugathermo Techlite boots were provided by Columbia for the purpose of this review.

This past month was very good in terms of weather, timing, and five great hiking days to put these boots through a lot of varied conditions. I hiked in the Carlisle Great Brook Farm, Billerica Forest, and in New Hampshire.

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MSR Pocket Rocket

MSR pocket rocket

MSR Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket from MSR (a Cascade Designs subsidiary) is not a Japanese motorcycle…however, it is an excellent backpacking stove.  It is said to be the world’s most popular canister stove and I don’t doubt it.  In fact, I bought one myself about 15 years ago and used it several years.  It was the stove I used on a four day hike in the Smokey’s  with my son as well as many other shorter hikes with him and by myself.  To read more click here.

Coy Boy

GOLITE Amp Lite Trail Runners update

Shoe in both colors available So far I have really enjoyed reviewing these shoes, they are like nothing I have ever worn before. I encourage you to review the second installment of my review here…

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes

Primus ExpressSpider Stove

Making hot coco while showshoeing

So easy a 9yo can use it

“So easy a caveman can do it…”

There were no cavemen available for this review, but I was able to locate a 9yo.

I have completed my review of this stove and you can read for yourself how it performed for me here…

Dave (the turtle) Wilkes

Tilley Tec-wool cap a last look

Review by Arnie P

Blueberry Mountain trailhead

Blueberry Mountain trailhead

The Tec-wool cap was provided by Tilley for review purposes.

This past month was very good in terms of weather, timing, and four great hiking hiking days to put this hat through a lot of varied conditions. I hiked in the Billerica forest, and in New Hampshire.
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