DryGuy Force Dry DX Boot Dryer

DryGuy Force Dry DX

DryGuy Force Dry DX

DryGuy Force Dry DX Boot Dryer is advertised on Dryguy.com as “The DryGuy™ Force Dry DX can dry two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in about an hour.”    Well, this winter I plan on putting that claim to the test!  I work outside during all kinds of weather, plus I spend time ice fishing and snowmobiling.  I’m pretty sure that just working in a pair of boots all days builds up enough wetness to give this a good test.   We haven’t had snow yet, and its been very dry as far as rain goes.  I’ll be writing more in about a month, starting with using the DryGuy to just dry out my boots from the inside.  Then once we have some type of wet weather, I’ll post about how it works to dry out completely soaked boots.

So far, I’ve plugged it in, and felt the forcefulness of the air and how warm it got.  Not hot enough to burn, but definitely warmer than normal body temperature.  The air flow is fairly strong, and moves quickly.

I like that you can also purchase accessories, such as a helmet holder and wader attachments.  I’ll probably use it most for boots, socks and gloves.

The following information is from the DryGuy website.


  • Forced Air Technology with Rotary Fan
  • Dries 4 Garments Simultaneously
  • Heats to 105°F / 40.5°C – Will Not Harm Any Liners or Garments
  • Help Eliminate Odors Caused by Bacteria in Sweat
  • Two Removable Extension Tubes for Taller Boots
  • Heat/No Heat Switch
  • 3 Hour Timer


  • Model – 02129
  • Dry time – Approximately 1 – 2 Hours
  • Power – 120V AC Household Outlet
  • Dimensions – 12″ D x 7.5″ H x 15″ W
  • Max. Temperature – 105°F / 40.5°C
  • Cord – 6’ Length
  • Quiet – 80,000 Hour-rated Whisper Quiet Rotary Blower
  • 1 Year Warranty

Check back in a month, and I’ll update this review and let you know how well this works – and hopefully that my boots haven’t built up their usual winter stink.

This product was received for review purposes.