Brunton Solaris i6 iPod/iPhone Charger

iPod Charger
iPod Charger

Ok, so even though I live in rainy Maine, the sun comes out enough to use this sweet piece of gear!  The Brunton Solaris i6 Foldable iPod charger! I rarely make calls from my iPhone while hiking, but I use the camera and GPS apps a LOT!  I’ll be reviewing this charger on my next few trips to see how well it works in the woods.  Right now, it is out on my picnic table, charging up my iPhone.  Nice to not have to use any electicity to do it ~ very green!  Right off the bat I will say it is super easy to use, although I had to call customer service to figure out I missed an ‘or’ in the directions.   There are multiple ways to attach the phone to the charger,which I will discuss when I write up the review.  Brunton’s customer service is super friendly, helpful and didn’t say ‘put on your glasses’.    

Update – I’ve been using the charge over the summer, and really like the convenience.   I can lay it out on the picnic table, or over the top of the tent, and it charges up my phone while I am making lunch, or hanging out with friends.  On one hike, I even laid it over the top of my pack, so that it would charge, while I hiked.   Getting it attached took a bit of ingenuity, but it worked really well!  I put the phone inside an outer pocket of the pack, and the charging mat was on the top of my pack.  It was a bright, sunny day, and the phone was recharged within a few hours.  This actually solved one issue that I had with the charger – what to do with the phone while it charges?  Its not good to leave it out in the sun, so I’d end up covering it, or sliding it inside a small box while it charged.  By charging it on the go, the phone was protected from the sun, yet the charger had direct sunlight.  

I’ve taken to charging it like this at home quite a bit also – especially if I am outside doing yard work.   I can set it up on the picnic table, and it charges without using any electricity.  This charger is great for ‘going green’  and convenience.  My only wish is that the charging mat wasn’t quite as long.  Not a big problem, but sometimes, smaller is better.    ~ Leesa

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