I picked up a BONDIBAND Headband at the Outdoor Retailer Show a few weeks ago. I have a love hate relationship with headbands. I love the concept of a headband, but during workouts or just in general they don’t seem to stay in place for me. Per the manufacturer, the BONDIBAND is made of a stretchy and breathable material that uses push-pull moisture movement technology to draw perspiration from the skin to the fabric surface where it evaporates. This all sounds good to me so I decided to give it a try.

I am happy to say that the BONDIBAND Headband is not like other headbands I have tried. It is super lightweight, comfortable, and surprisingly stayed in place during two bike rides thus far (under a helmet). I was surprised the headband stayed in place since there was perspiration on my forehead where the headband rested. The headband did not pull nor stick to my hair. The band is about four inches thick (at the thickest point) and I found that I could fold it in half to make it thinner and it still will stay in place.

I laundered the headband with regular soap and in warm water in a non-agitator washing machine. Once I dried it in the dryer by accident instead of line drying. I noticed that after wear and washing/drying the the headband did not stretch or change shape. I was also surprised that the headband did not sink after sweating. The headband has been fashionable enough to wear out to lunch after cycling. The color I have is called Black and Gray Static and pretty much goes with any color.

Thus far the BONDIBAND is a winner in my book. It stays in place, does not stink, and looks fashionable. These headbands sell for $9.99 each and are available in a vast selection of color options and patterns. For more information please visit