Buff in Merino Wool

Merino Wool Buff

Buff in Merino Wool (Cru color)

Reviewed By Suzanne

I’m indecisive. Ask my husband. I can’t make up my mind every. So, if I have to go and pack my bag for the trail, I wind up stuff a hat, bandana, earmuffs, and much more than that in to my bag. Talk about wasted space and weight!

Well, I have finally been schooled by the fine people at Buff. I no longer carry a boat load of extra layers. Instead, I carry one item. And that’s my Buff. In Merino Wool. That’s right. Merino Wool. I am now officially living the high life on the trail. And life, with my Buff, is good.

When I originally heard that Buff was making a version of made of Merino wool, I was frankly not expecting much. Seriously, merino wool? Isn’t that for fancy people? And, once I got it, I thought that it was much lighter than I expected. Shouldn’t wool be thicker? Heavier?

I’m wrong, wrong, wrong. This Merino Wool Buff is officially my favorite ever. As someone who is typically prone to itchiness when wearing wool, I was pleasantly surprised how incredibly soft the Buff was. I was expecting something big and bulk to show up. But the Buff is a slim, slinky tube of silky smooth Merino wool. And, better yet, it is the best multi-tool out there. It is a hat, a balaclava, a head band, a scarf… it’s every item that you’d want to carry with you but in one neat, little package.

Making my Buff Hat

Beyond it being a purely awesome product that serves a multitude of purposes, it is also good for all four seasons. Now talk about a long of bang for your buck! The merino wool is obviously awesome at adding a little bit of warmth to your nogging in the winter. And it can definitely take the sting out of the chill in the spring and fall. But it is also great to have with you in the summer. It’s not too warm to use to wick away the sweat as you charge around in your adventures. It is also a huge help to block out the wind, which is notorious around here in New England’s high peaks. And that’s where the Buff is heading this weekend. Off to a high peak, which will definitely give it a work out.

Check back to hear more about my adventures with the merino wool Buff. It’s bound to be awesome!

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