CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks

This product was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

Jenn K.

I received two pair of CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks for review in the white/black and black/pink color combinations. These socks are made from a blend of 85% Nylon (Polyamide) and 15% Spandex.

Prior to receiving the socks I took circumferential measurements of my ankles to determine my size. I was not in between sizes so it was an easy decision on what size to request. These socks are available in three sizes (2, 3,and 4) and the sizing chart is available on the manufacturer’s website and the packaging.


Image reversed as photo was captured from mirror.


CEP products are manufactured in Germany and include a range of shorts, tights, shirts, socks (knee high and short), and calf sleeves. The company uses a targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and to speed up lactate metabolism. CEP is part of medi, which is a high-tech manufacturer from Germany.

The CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks per the manufacturer are designed for “the athlete looking for added support and improved shoe fit, with targeted compression in the foot and ankle area provide support while reducing the instance of swelling”. The manufacturer also states “CEP Short Socks are the hottest new trend in legwear. They feature metatarsal compression in the mid-foot region and fit like a glove for ultimate comfort. High-tech fibres processed using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies guarantee optimum heat and moisture management. CEP Short Socks are the perfect all-rounders and can be worn for all sports. They also fit perfectly with CEP Calf Sleeves.”

Initial Thoughts:
Upon receiving the socks and opening the packaging I was impressed with the quality of the socks and materials. I was excited to try them on. They have a 20 mmHg compression rating which is a moderate compression level (medical grade) that is indicated to relive swelling, edema, lymphedema, and venous insufficiency. I noticed right away that the socks were labeled L (left) and R (right) and there was some light padding in the toe, sole, and the heel/Achilles area. The socks had a bit of tightness to put them on, but I was expecting this, as they are compression socks. However, they were not so tight that I could not easily put the socks on. It just took a little bit more effort than regular socks. That is fine with me as they are a heck of a lot more comfortable than regular socks. I could especially feel the light padding in the toe and the Achilles area. I noticed the compression at the forefoot and the ankle was a different fiber orientation than the rest of the sock. I believe this is to give a targeted compression. The socks felt great on my feet and they did not feel too thin or thick and the compression was snug, but not overly so. I like the way the extra padding is placed throughout the sock but there is still ventilation. The toe area was not bulky and I could not feel the toe seam. The socks do take some effort to take off but that is expected.

IMG_20160108_131659 IMG_20160108_133939

The CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks are designed per the manufacturer with the following quality attributes that have not been mentioned above: “perfect anatomical fit and blister prevention, highest quality materials and premium craftsmanship for extreme durability, microfiber technology for superior comfort, and extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points. The manufacturer also indicates some functional attributes on their website: “metatarsus compression zone for arch stabilization, heat and moisture management thanks to hydrophilic design, air channels for ventilation in the foot region, antibacterial, odor-reducing properties”.

CEP socks come with a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed. “If you’re not completely satisfied with your CEP purchase, please contact us for a shipping label and we’ll exchange your product or provide a full refund.” CEP also offers an awesome guaranteed compression for 6 months if the socks are worn daily. “This means you can expect your compression socks or sleeves to last 150-200 wears and washes before compression begins to lessen. “

I broke my leg last year and since my accident honestly I have religiously worn a type of compression sock to work as I am on my feet all day. Most of my cycling socks are compression socks as well at various heights. I like the support the compression socks provide my leg where it was broken and I like that compression socks prevent that foot/leg from swelling.

I plan on wearing these socks as much as I can for work and for cycling over the next two months.

Update February 15, 2016

Over the past month the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks have been worn about four days a week. I have been wearing them to work (which I am on my feet most of the day), on the bike, and equally alternating between the two color combinations (they are the same exact socks). I take the train to and from work and sometimes I will get off before my scheduled stop to run some errands. This generally adds 2 miles of walking to my day as I then just walk home instead of waiting for the train. I also have been wearing them during my lunch fitness walks at work which are typically three miles.

Since I have been wearing the socks about four days a week I am washing them frequently. I am washing them in a washer with normal detergent and drying them in a dryer on medium heat. They are holding up well no pilling or stretching.

I will say I think these socks are great. My feet feel better when I am wearing them as they give me a medium compression and they are supportive. I also like that there is extra padding throughout the socks. They are not overly padded, just perfect enough for everyday wear. The socks still take some effort to put on, but that is fine with me because I do not want them to stretch out and lose compression. Since I am on my feet all day I get extra fluid build-up in my feet. These socks do push the fluid away from my feet and above my ankles. This can be seen by the small indentations on my legs when I remove the socks. I have more fluid build-up in the right foot on a daily basis since I broke my lower leg just over a year ago. I like the extra pressure/support these socks give on my lower fibula (lower leg) where the break occurred.

I especially like wearing these socks while cycling as I like having that extra support on my leg where the break occurred. For a few years now all I wear is compression socks while cycling. I especially like these socks on the bike due to the light extra padding. It just adds some extra comfort especially on longer rides.

I noticed that my feet do not sweat more or less with these socks on and my feet are not becoming overheated. Also there is no foul odor when I take them off.
Check back next month for the final update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks.

Final Update March 22, 2016

Just over a month has gone by since my first update on the CEP Women’s Dynamic + Short Compression Socks. I have been wearing these socks to work, on fitness walks, and while cycling. They have been worn at least four days a week. The CEP socks are comfortable during all these activities. I have noticed during the warmer months that I can see more prevalent edema markings above the sock line where the top of the sock rests on my legs.

The CEP socks have given me adequate cushioning on the bottom and heels of my feet have no discomfort or foot fatigue when I am wearing them all day. I spend most of my day at work on my feet, so I find it necessary to be comfortable. Plus they do not stink after a long day at work.

So far they have been washing and wearing well. There has been no bleeding of colors, no stretching, and no pilling. Also there has been no stretching or snagging of the fabric and they dry quickly overnight.

I plan on continuing to wear these socks to work, during fitness hikes, and while cycling.

These compression socks retail for $22.50 a pair and are available in the following colors for women: flash pink/black, flash green/black, Hawaii blue/pink, purple blue/pink, black/pink, white/black, and black/grey.
For more information please visit www.cepcompression.com.