Craghoppers National Geographic Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt (Women’s)

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this garment for this purpose of this review. 

craghoppers adventure long sleeved shirt The Craghoppers National Geographic Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt arrived in a women’s size 12 and the color sea salt (light beige). I will say that I am very impressed with the initial appearance of this shirt. The shirt screams of quality from the fabric, looks stylish, and looks to be made well. I found that the shirt runs on the small side particularly in the arm and shoulder region. I used the size chart on the website for the initial sizing and found that I needed to go up a size for comfort. I find it challenging to properly size for a top when I am not able to try it on, especially those garments that are numerically sized. What is great about this shirt is the functionality to be worn outdoors and the versatility to be worn around town as well.

National Geographic partnered with Craghoppers “to outfit active customers in North America while supporting the health and diversity of our planet’ (per product tag). There is a link to sign-up for member benefits at National Geographic that I will have to check out. I noticed on the Craghoppers website that not all the garments have an affiliation with National Geographic, only a select few.

This shirt is designed by Craghoppers as an adventure shirt with Insect Shield (insect-repellent for long-lasting insect protection) and is available in a  NosiDefence which is a fabric that is specially constructed with fibers that are tightly woven to serve an insect barrier to biting insects, but also breathability is not compromised in the garment (this is an option for those that do not want a garment treated with Permethrin).

The fabric of the shirt was treated by the manufacturer with Permethrin 0.52% and is designed to last for 70 washes. There is a special warning on the hang-tag regarding the disposal of the shirt and care of the garment (no dry-cleaning, do not re-treat, and wash separately from non-treated garments). The Permethrin provides invisible, odorless protection against bugs (ants, ticks, flies, mosquitoes, etc.) that is embedded in the clothing and not applied to the skin.

This shirt has also has a sun protection feature (called SolarShield) with a rating of UPF 50+. This is a permanent protective fabric that is tested for UV and sun protection. The fabric is made with a specific density, a special yarn blend, and color options to provide this protection. Some other features of the shirt include (per the manufacturer) moisture control, lightweight, wash and wear functionality (no ironing), a hidden zipper pocket to store valuables, SolarShield and cooling collar (flip-up collar for sun protection and wicking mesh in the collar), vented back (mesh panel), drying loops, roll-up sleeves, and a sunglass wipe.

I like the idea of a long-sleeved shirt that is light weight and has adequate ventilation. I am excited to try the National Geographic Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt for day-hikes and for overnight trips as I am able (overnight trips may be after the test period-due to time constraints). Currently the day-time highs are 70-80 degrees where I live and enjoy the outdoors. I tend to perspire quickly with physical exertion and overheat quickly and I need a garment that has cooling properties and can wick moisture. I am curious to see if the vented back, the cooling collar, and the fabric weave allows for adequate ventilation. Also, I am curious to see if the insect protection properties of this shirt work as advertised by the manufacturer.

I like clothing that can easily be cared for and I am curious to see if this garment is truly wash and wear with the specialty fabric it is constructed of. I am frequently cleaning my sunglasses or eyeglasses on the trail, hopefully, the sunglass wipe will come in handy.

Over the next month I will be trying this shirt out on day-hikes and hopefully I will be able to check out all the features this shirt has to offer. Check back in a month or an update.

Update December 27, 2017  Craghoppers Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt

To be honest over the past month I was laid up for over a week with the flu. So, the Craghoppers National Geographic Noslife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt has seen limited use over the past month. I was able to use it on three hikes in San Diego County, averaging 3 miles each, with the temperatures in the upper 60’s to low 80’s F.

As stated in my initial thoughts, the shirt runs small. Especially in the arm and shoulder areas. I find that this bothers me when I am wearing a pack, as I feel my shoulders are very restricted. I did order up a size for the shirt, but now I am thinking maybe I should have went up two sizes. I like the long sleeves to provide sun protection and also to protect my arms from scrapes and rubbing against brush. I did not become overheated with the long sleeves; the shirt breathes well. My skin did not become irritated from the Permethrin treatment of the fabric nor have I noticed an odor of the treatment or any change in the fabric feel after washing the shirt three times.

The shirt washes well, is durable, made of quality materials, and looks great. Now since I selected a light color any dirt or stains are very noticeable. However, if I place detergent on the area and then wash the shirt the stains have disappeared. Even though temperatures have been above normal for the month of December (in the 80’s), not many bugs have been out. So, I am limited on reporting how the shirt protects against bugs. I will say though the sun protection works well as my arms and back have not become sunburned.

I think my favorite features are the roll-up sleeves and the sunglass wipe. I am frequently cleaning my glasses with a shirt and the sunglass wipe is soft to not scratch my glasses and gets the job done easily. I like the roll-up sleeves as that gives me the option to wear the shirt in a wider range of temperatures and be comfortable.

Final Update January 26, 2018 Craghoppers Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt

Another month has gone by and I had the opportunity to try the Craghoppers National Geographic Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt on three more day-hikes. Over the past two months getting out has been a challenge due to work and school commitments. However, I do the best I can to get out even if it is just on the trails behind my house. I wore the shirt on a day-hike in Torrey Pines-California State Park on a 4-mile hike after work and on two other occasions on the trails near home for a hike just under 4-miles. After two of the hikes I wore the shirt for a few hours afterwards. The temperatures have been so variable with lows in the upper 30’s to highs in the upper 70’s and low 80’s F. Late in the afternoon when the sun begins to set a chill is felt in the air (a reason why I like having sleeves that can be either rolled up or down). During the hike at Torrey Pines I broke a sweat as I was walking fast and the terrain was steep due to walking from the ocean up to the overlooking cliffs on the various trails. I will say that the shirt does a good job at wicking moisture and I believe it is because of the shirt design with the vented back and the wicking collar. I did notice when wearing a pack, the shirt does not breath as well on the back (as would any) and there was a wet spot on the shirt where my pack was resting. But, the good thing about this shirt is it dries quickly.  The hidden zipper pocket is handy to store my car key while hiking and I am still enjoying the sunglass wipe. This shirt is not only great for sun protection and moisture wicking, but it is also functional.

The shirt is still washing up nicely and the fabric looks like new. Another feature I like about this shirt is the low maintenance with no ironing needed. I will admit I did accidently wash the shirt with other garments that were not treated with Permethrin and all the garments appear to be fine. I do not want to make a habit of this, but accidents happen. The drying loop is convenient as I can wash the shirt at night, hang it on a hook in the bathroom (no hanger needed), and in the morning, it is completely dry. I have not dried the shirt in the dryer as I do not want the Permethrin treatment to be short lived and garments made of quick dry material I usually hand to dry anyway.

I wish there were some bugs out this time of year to see how effective the Permethrin treatment is. I am surprised at the lack of bugs due to the higher temperatures Southern California has been experiencing.

This concludes my review of the Craghoppers National Geographic Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt. I like the functionality and the features of this shirt. It is also good at wicking moisture and looks great on the trail or around town.

Please visit for more information. The shirt retails for $85.00 and is available in the colors apple tang, limeade, soft moss and mushroom.