Fox River Wick Dry Strive Sock (Quarter and Crew)

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided these socks for the purpose of this review. Fox River Wick Dry Strive Sock

The Fox River Wick Dry Strive Socks are part of the Women’s Adventure Cross Training line. They are indicated for cycling and running use. I will be using these socks while cycling and on my fitness hikes.

These socks have the Fox River’s Wick Dry system, to help keep the feet dry and blister free. The Fox River Strive Socks were provided by the manufacturer in both a quarter and crew-height. The crew-height measures 9 inches high from the bottom of the socks. And the quarter socks are 5 inches high measured from the heel.

These socks have women’s specific sizing instead of unisex for a better fit on a woman’s foot: Small 1-5.5, Medium 6-8.5, and Large 9-12. They also are available in a variety of colors.


•             38% Nylon

•             30% Merino Wool

•             30% Recycled Polyester

•             2% Spandex

Both pair of socks fit true to size and feel very comfortable and supportive on my feet. And they are soft and have a cozy feeling. The wool is not itchy or scratchy. I can feel the reinforcement of the toe and heel areas as there is more padding located there.

So far the each pair has been worn one time and there was no sliding of the top of the sock down my leg. The forefoot compression feels like there is an extra band of support on the top my fore foot area. There is also some compression above and below the heel of the socks. These socks also have ventilation panels in the fore foot and just below the ankle.

Summer is here in Southern California and I hope that the ventilation in the socks allows my feet to breathe in the warm weather. I shall see as these socks are used for hiking, biking, and during outdoor yoga.

Both pairs of the Strive Socks have been washed in a front loading washer using cool water. They have been dried in an electric dryer with a medium heat setting. There has been no shrinking or stretching of the socks. The memory fit construction helps the socks keep their shape.  And after washing the wool feels soft as they did when new.

Update: Fox River Wick Dry Strive Sock 7/10/12

The Fox River Wick Dry Strive Socks have been used for the past month while enjoying fitness hikes, outdoor yoga, and mountain biking. I will say the weather is warming up and I have been using the quarter-high socks more frequently than the crew-height. However, the crew-height is great for mountain biking since they prevent the vegetation from brushing up against my legs and helps prevent ticks from biting my legs. On my evening mountain bike rides the temperatures are perfect for the crew-height socks, but during the late morning or afternoon it is a bit warm for the crew socks. For my fitness hikes I have been wearing the Wick Dry Strive Socks with my trail running shoes or my low hiking shoes. I have yet to wear them with a standard hiking boot.

When hiking I like to wear a padded comfortable sock and the Wick Dry Strive Socks are the ticket. These are a thicker sock style. They are super comfortable and padded in all the right areas to help prevent irritation and blisters. Another nice feature about these socks is in warmer temperatures they wick away moisture and my feet are not moist or wet. On the fitness hikes at times we walk on pavement; and the cushioning in the Wick Dry Strive Socks is adequate for that terrain. There is enough padding that the impact on the pavement is not felt. Also after the socks are worn they are not stinky like some of my other socks. The merino wool is not itchy or scratchy, it is actually quite soft and cushions my feet.

Both pairs of socks have been washed several times in the past month. I washed them in cool water and I used a regular setting on my drier to dry them. They have not stretched, shrunk, or became deformed after laundering.

Final Update: Fox River Wick Dry Strive Sock 8/14/12

The Fox River Wick Dry Strive Socks have been worn during the past month while cycling and enjoying my fitness hikes. On the fitness hikes I would wear low-height hiking shoes/cross trainers so I would generally wear the quarter-height socks. While cycling I would wear the quarter-height socks while road biking and the crew socks for mountain biking.

There has been a recent heat wave in Southern California the past week. I found that I enjoy wearing these socks in temperatures below 85 F. Otherwise, I find that my feet are too hot and I am uncomfortable. The socks do a great job at wicking moisture away from my feet; it is just that I cannot tolerate my feet being so warm.

The socks have washed up well. There has been no shrinking/stretching of the socks or pilling of the wool. I generally wash them inside out and dry them on a low temperature setting. The Wick Dry Socks are still soft to the touch and the wool is not scratchy or itchy. Also the tops of the socks are still staying in place; they are not sliding down my leg during activities.

They are still keeping my feet blister and irritation free. Also even in warmer temperatures the socks have not become super stinky from sweating.

The Wick Dry Socks are still providing extra support in the forefoot area which I believe is helping with foot fatigue in that area. I also like the extra padding in the heel and the toe area. I found that this extra padding prevents discomfort in the heel area from walking on hard surfaces such as concrete.

My plan is to continue wearing these socks, especially as it gets cooler.

For more information on the Strive Socks please visit The Strive Quarter Socks retail for $11.99 a pair and the Crew Socks retail for $12.99 a pair.


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