Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks (Crew)

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided these socks for the purpose of this review.

Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Crew Socks are part of the Fox River’s Sport Performance Line. These socks are a light weight, moderate to warm weather sock that has CoolMax fibers and Wick Dry technology to help keep feet cool and dry. These socks are manufactured in the USA and have men’s/unisex sizing. They have a height of 12 inches from the heel. The Wick Dry Triathlon Socks are available in black or white and are also available in a quarter-height.


  • 65% CoolMax  polyester
  • 33% nylon
  • 2% spandex

These socks have some unique properties. They have a memory-form construction to help keep their shape after washing. They also have a ribbed top to prevent the sock from sliding down. There are spandex compression areas to add support to the forefoot area.  There is a ventilation panel near the toe box area. The heel and the toe box have extra cushioning for comfort and durability.

The Wick Dry Triathlon Socks definitely have a synthetic sock feeling. They feel soft and are not scratchy. I can feel the extra cushioning in the toe and heel area. Even for a unisex sock they fit me well.

I will be interested in seeing if they are breathable, cause irritation, or have a funny odor in the upcoming summer months. I will be wearing them while cycling and on fitness walks.

I washed the socks inside out (as indicated by the manufacturer) in cool water and dried them on a low temperature setting. The care instructions indicate not to use bleach or dry clean these socks and they can be washed in warm water. They have not stretched or shrunk after washing.

 Update Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks 7/12/12

The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks have been worn for the past month while mountain biking, in-line skating, and on one fitness hike. These socks are calf-high and I am not used to wearing socks this high in warmer temperatures. However, they are working out great for me while mountain biking especially to protect my legs from dirt, insect bites, and scratches from vegetation. The socks also are great for in-line skating as they cover my lower leg, therefore reducing pressure from the skate. Most often the socks have been worn with my mountain biking shoes and my low profile running shoes.

The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks are holding up well. They also fit well for being a unisex size and they have not stretched, become pilled, or have any premature wear areas. The ribbed top of the socks stay in place; no sliding down my legs. These socks are soft and comfortable all over. They also have adequate padding in the heels and support of my arches. Even when walking on cement or asphalt my feet do not feel the impact of the ground. They have a slight sweaty odor when they become slightly damp after wearing them while in-line skating. I have not noticed this odor while wearing them with my running shoes or low hiking boots. I think my feet are sweating more in the in-line skates since the breathability is more limited.

The socks have been laundered inside-out most of the time in cool water and dried on a medium setting in my electric dryer. I will admit at times that the socks were not turned inside out prior to washing. There was no noticeable difference in the feel or texture of the socks after they were laundered in this manner.

Final Update: Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks 8/14/12

The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Socks have been worn during the past month on a mountain bike ride, a day-hike, and while in-line skating. Right now the temperatures are rather warm in Southern California (over 90 degrees) and I found it too hot lately to wear these socks. I prefer to wear these socks when the temperatures are in the upper 70’s and below.

I like these socks since they give me slight compression and some support on my lower legs. My calves are frequently sore from cycling and from not allowing my body to fully recover. I have also worn these socks after biking to provide some slight compression support to my lower legs.

I really enjoy wearing these socks while mountain biking and while in-line skating. It has been difficult for me in the past to find a sock that is comfortable, not too thick, and yet the correct height for in-line skating. The calf- height of these socks is perfect. For mountain biking the Wick Dry Triathlon Socks work great because they protect my lower legs from vegetation scrapes and from excess dirt.

These socks are still fitting well. They are not sliding down my legs, nor have they stretched, shrunk, or became fuzzy with washing. Generally I have been washing them inside out and drying them in the dryer on a low heat setting.

The compression support in the forefoot area is comfortable and non-restrictive. It provides additional support in the forefoot which I believe is helping prevent foot fatigue. The socks are ventilated and I did not encounter any issues with them wicking moisture away from my feet.

The synthetic fabric is not scratchy or rough. It has a soft feeling. However, after sweating the socks have a slight odor.

I plan on wearing these socks as the temperatures drop. I think they will be perfect for mountain biking in the cooler months when I opt not to wear tights.

For more information on the Wick Dry Triathlon Socks please visit They retail for $10.99 a pair.


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