Icebreaker Rush Bra

By: Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this garment for the purpose of this review.

Icebreaker Rush Bra

Image obtained from the manufacturer’s website.

The Rush Bra is part of the Icebreaker’s Performance Sports/Run line of garments. The bra is made of 92% merino wool/8% Lycra and is considered to be a mid-weight layer. Icebreaker’s merino wool is known in the industry to have anti-bacterial (odor resistant) properties, softness, comfort, a fast drying time, moisture wicking properties, breathability, and temperature regulation.

The Rush Bra is designed to give excellent support for running and high impact activities for women with an A or B cup size. Medium support is provided by the Rush Bra for women that wear a size C cup. I could not find any information on how much support this bra would provide for women with a cup size greater than a C. Depending on the style of bra I purchase and the band size, I can either wear a C or D cup. If I go with the next band size I generally can go to the smaller cup size.

I am reviewing the size large in the black color with white accent stitching. I originally ordered a medium size as I was between sizes. I had to return the medium size Rush Bra for a large. I suggest going up to the next size if it is questionable which size would fit best.

This bra is a traditional racer-back type of sports bra. It goes on and off overhead. The bra is one complete piece with no adjustable straps or clasps to open. The bra has a scooped neckline and flatlock seams. There is no additional padding in the Rush Bra; it is double lined with added inner stitching (gathering) to form the cups. Since it has no additional padding this bra fits with no added form to my figure. The racer-back straps were designed for comfort and to prevent the straps from slipping. The hem band is made of elastic to provide extra support. There is also a non-stretch insert in the front shoulder strap to add support.

The large size Rush Bra was tried on for an initial fit under synthetic and wool fabric tops. It seems to fit well and is comfortable; just makes me appear flatter than I am. I don’t want to spoil all the details about the Rush Bra; so check back next month to see how I am enjoying it while biking and hiking.

Icebreaker Rush Bra Update 6/16/11


So far the Rush Bra is working out well for me for my biking and hiking activities. It has been worn under both synthetic and wool tops in temperatures ranging from the upper 40’s F to the mid 80’s F. During the past month it has been worn 2-4 days per week.

The Rush Bra provides adequate support with the medium impact activities I enjoy; mostly hiking and biking. I am not much of a runner and generally do not participate in high impact activities that I am bouncing around.

The Rush Sports Bra has been worn for short activities lasting an hour to all day events where it was worn for over 7 hours. Even while wearing a backpack there was no chaffing or irritation from where the bra touches my skin; this even includes the shoulder straps.

The bra fits snug against my skin, but not too snug that I am uncomfortable. When I am wearing the Rush Bra it feels soft and like a second skin.

The bra has been washed in a front loading washer with a gentle detergent and has been placed on a drying rack to dry overnight. I noticed that the bottom support band takes a longer time to dry as compared to the rest of the bra. The bra always has been dry by the morning, so this was never an issue.

Moisture is wicked away from my skin while wearing the bra. After engaging in a 100 mile road biking event I noticed that the rush bra and my skin had a few damp areas. The bra was not sopping wet from my sweat. Also the bra was comfortable and was not putting pressure on my shoulder and upper back muscles which can cause pain and suffering during a 100 mile biking event.

Now the Rush Bra is lined, but it is not padded. Therefore the bra flattens me out and does not smooth out my figure. Every “bump” is seen. I typically wear padded sports bras, mostly because my shirts are usually form fitting and I do not like to be showing any “bumps”.

The bra is easy to get on and off overhead. It has not stretched, all the stitching is intact, and it is still as supportive as when I first used it.

Final Icebreaker Rush Bra Update 7/22/11

The Rush Bra has been worn for another month in Southern California while fitness walking, road cycling, and mountain biking. I have worn it under synthetic and wool jerseys and tops. It has been worn in temperatures ranging from the upper 50’s to the upper 80’s. I lost some weight since my last update and yes I lost some volume in the chest area. However, I am happy to say the Rush Bra still fits me well.

I like the styling of the Rush Bra with the racer-back design. There are no straps to slide off my shoulders or stick out of my sleeveless tops. The straps are not irritating on my shoulders; even when wearing a backpack.

The wool material of the Rush Bra is soft and comfortable against my skin and the bra fits like a glove. The wool material has not caused any skin chaffing, itching, nor has there been any uncomfortable pressure areas. The material does not reek of odors after or during my workouts. When it is wet there is a slight damp wool smell, but there is no stench. Also the fabric wicks a great deal of moisture away from my skin. The bra becomes slightly damp with a few wet areas, but it is not soaking wet after a strenuous workout.

The Rush Bra has been hand washed and washed in a front loading washer with no fuzzing or pilling of the wool fabric. Still the bra has been placed on a drying rack overnight to dry. The bra dries overnight, but I noticed that the straps take a longer time to dry. The bra has not stretched out of shape and all the stitching is intact.

The bra is still providing adequate support while cycling and fitness walking. These activities have a light to moderate impact. The Rush Bra still flattens me out in the chest area and does not give me to lined coverage that I am used to in my sports bras. Let me just say that it squishes me.

I really like the Rush Bra. I wish it were lined or had some padding, but I love the material and the comfort of the bra. This bra is a keeper for low to moderate impact activities!

The Rush Bra retails for $50.00 and is available in Black, Cosmic, and Nectar in sizes XS-XL at

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