Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat

Final Update: Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat

By Addison B.

Nordic snowflake hat
Enjoying a sunny day on the trail in Prince William Forest

This will be my final time talking about Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat. I have used the hat while hiking on the Prince William Forest trails and walking to school. The temperature was high 40s to low 50s.

 When I started testing the hat I was judging it based on comfort, durability, and how fashionable it is. Since my last report my thoughts haven’t changed that much. The hat is still comfortable, and I sometimes wear it around the house. When cold weather camping I did not sleep with it on because it would slide off, and even just wearing it walking to school or around the house it still feels like it is slowly falling off. 

So far the durability has been pretty good,  it hasn’t frayed around the edges. But the puffball has started to fray a little bit. But mostly has stayed together pretty well.The color of the Nordic Snowflake hat hasn’t faded at all. The colors are as bright and bold as they were when I first got the hat.

The fashionability of the hat remains the same. Shorts don’t really go with the hat. But it has more of a winter feel to it, and shorts clash with that idea. The color set of the hat makes it work for most colors but pants would be more preferable than shorts  because the hat is meant for a more winter style.

Over all the Nordic Snowflake hat has performed well. I will still wear it in the winter months, when I need something to keep my head warm. I would recommend this hat to anyone who is looking for a hat that is stylish and keeps their head warm in the cold.

Thanks for and Krimson Klover for allowing me to participate in this review.

Update 1: Nordic Snowflake Hat

Nordic Snowflake Hat
Taking a break from skiing

I have tested the hat out in daily life, walking to school in about mid 30s to low 40s. I went Skiing in West Virginia and when I wasn’t hitting the slopes I was chilling by the campfire with the Nordic Snowflake hat. I also used the hat when I went to a Klondike Derby Scout camping trip where temperatures were in the low 30s to high 40s, and it rained the second night. 

The hat fits pretty well. It sometimes feels like it is sliding off or like a strong breeze would blow the hat right off. With the thinner material, it doesn’t have the bulk that other hats have that help them stay on better. When I lean back in the car or the couch I can feel the puffball and it is uncomfortable but over all the hat is pretty comfortable otherwise. The material used makes the hat not bulky like other hats I have worn. The material itself feels thin but it has kept my head and ears warm when I have been outside with the hat on. It did not cause bad hat hair after wearing it, like I have experienced wearing other hats.

Nordic Snowflake hat

The durability has been good. It hasn’t frayed and the puffball hasn’t come off even though there is very little fabric connecting the puffball to the hat. 

The hat is also stylish, it has gone with everything that I have worn, which ranges from jeans and a T-shirt, to ski gear. I have been able to incorporate Krimson Klover’s Nordic Snowflake hat into my daily style.

Check back in about a month for my final thoughts.


Initial Review: Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat


Nordic Snowflake Hat

Krimson Klover is a company that focuses on using bold colors and using natural materials. Their style is athletic, and for those who love to travel. The mission at Krimson Klover is to “craft apparel that makes you look good and feel good using natural, sustainable fibers and responsible manufacturing with a commitment to supporting women.” 

I received the Krimson Klover Nordic Snowflake Hat for review. My first impression of the Nordic Snowflake Hat from Krimson Klover is that it is comfortable and fashionable. The blend of fabric is polyester and spandex, with a black and white snowflake design with a red and black arrow trim, and a black puffball on top. The color choices make it so that the hat goes with about everything, like jeans and any colored top. 

I plan on wearing the hat on my daily walks to school, and on family and Scouting hiking and camping trips over the next couple of months.

I will be evaluating the hat based on several criteria: comfort, durability, and how fashionable it is. For comfort, does it stay on my head? Does it give me hat hair? For durability, does it fray or fall apart? Does the puff ball stay attached? For fashionable, can I wear it with my usual clothing style?