adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses

By Jason B.

Sunglasses are an essential part of my kit.  My eyes are very sensitive to light and even in overcast conditions I wear sunglasses, or I end up squinting which leads to headaches.  adidas has become a player in the performance eyewear market and I will be reviewing their Evil Eye Evo Pro glasses over the next few months.

adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses – photo courtesy of adidas website

adidas is a global company that makes footwear, apparel, sunglasses and more.  They also own Reebok, and Taylor Made.  One of their guiding principles is “we strive to help you perform at your best.”  Their websites are a wealth of information on products, their global strategy, athletes that they sponsor and more.  It is worth checking out.

adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro in the mountains around Juneau

adidas sport eyewear line up is diverse featuring ski goggles, mountain biking glasses, everyday sunglasses and more.  I will be reviewing the Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses with the red mirror lens. The glasses have wrap around frames and great field of vision.  The glasses feature a detachable foam sweat bar, hydrophobic lens, Climacool Dynamic Ventilation, Lens lock system, traction grip on the arms for a secure fit, and these particular frames are compatible with prescription lenses.  The frames come in a small and large size.

My first impression was wow, the lenses and frames are really large.  However, they have grown on me.  The large field of vision is great, I don’t feel like I am wearing glasses when I have them on.  They are fairly comfortable.  I received a small size and it fits snugly, but not too tight.  I could not find any sizing information on the adidas website to choose between the large and small frame sizes.  The nose piece and traction grip on the arms of the glasses seem to hold them in place well and are comfortable.  The mirrored lens does a nice job of blocking out glare and bright sunlight.

Selfie with the adidas before Rock and Roll Seattle 5k

I generally consider the following criteria when reviewing sunglasses – comfort, durability, and protection.  I will be using the glasses for running and hiking here in the southern US, and potentially a trip up to Southeast Alaska to play in the mountains.  This concludes my initial thoughts.

Final Update November 29, 2017

At the finish of the Maine Marathon

I have used the glasses daily since June for everything from a 7 hour mountain run on snow covered peaks and valleys outside of Juneau, hiking and running in 90 weather in Louisiana and while running in the Northeast with temperatures in the 40s and 50s and a 126 mile Mississippi River Levee run.  I have ran with them on in light rain, but most of the time they have been used in bright sun.  Humidity has been high in the south all summer.  Overall, I have covered 500 plus miles and counting while wearing the adidas Evil Eye Pro.

I generally evaluate glasses on three criteria – comfort, durability, and protection.  Comfort is the first and most important criteria to me.  If glasses don’t fit well and are not comfortable, I don’t want to wear them.  The Evil Eye Pro seemed a little snug when they first arrived, but have grown more accommodating but retain a nice and snug fit.  I am confident that they will not slide off of my face while running, hiking, driving, even looking straight down they stay in place. The traction grip arms from adidas have worked as designed.  The nose piece has set well on my nose and not caused any discomfort.  While running in Juneau I spent 7 hours straight with the glasses on and recently wore them for 5 hours of running on back to back days while completing marathons in New Hampshire and Maine. During the Levee run, I wore the glasses for almost 12 hours straight. In no case did I ever feel like the glasses pinched my nose or were otherwise uncomfortable.

Sunset in Key West

The glasses also seem to be very durable.  In the last month, I finally got my first scratch in them.  The mirrored film is broken in one small part. Otherwise they look brand new.  I generally kept them in the hard case if I was carrying them in my backpack, but otherwise, I would toss them in the cupholder or seat of my truck and hang them on a hook in the house.  I didn’t baby them or treat them any differently than I would any other pair of glasses. I am pleased with the durability to this point.

adidas offers multiple types of lenses for the Evil Eye Pro and they can be easily changed by sliding the tab back on the arm of the frame.  So even if the lenses do eventually get scratched they can be replaced.  I found several sites online that sell replacement lenses if needed.

For protection I look at from a couple angles – the first is do the glasses protect my eyes from the sun and foreign objects.  The second angle is how we do the glasses work at providing a clear field of vision – i.e. do they fog up easily, how do they handle sweat and rain, etc… The large and wide lenses provide almost ski goggle like protection.   The red mirrored lenses did a good job with overall eye protection even while running on snow in sunny conditions.  The glasses seal securely with the frames and foam sweat bar that I never felt like any foreign objects would get through them.  I did wear them several times for while working in shipyards where safety glasses are required.

I am also glad to report that they performed very well with respect to ventilation and fogging up.  I never had any issues on hot, humid days in the south. Running or hiking they stayed clear.  The foam sweat bar is a life saver.  I sweat profusely and the bar kept sweat from running down into my eyes in all but the most extreme cases.  I will say this though, after a sweaty run the glasses are gross and the bar stays wet for a while.  However, it does not seem to retain any smell so that is positive.  The only time I had any issue with the glasses wanting to fog was in cooler weather.  While in Alaska, I was running/hiking hard up snow covered slopes and the glasses would fog. I would take them off and swing them a couple times and they would clear up.  I also tried to pull them a little further off my face to try and get more airflow and this helped.  They also fogged a bit running the Maine marathon.  It was cool in the 40’s at the start of the race with no wind.  They fogged a bit at the beginning but once I had a steady pace going and the outside temperature warmed up I did not have any problems.

Overall, I am very pleased with the adidas Evil Eye Pro glasses.  They have a number of different lens options to fit any outdoor activity and provide supreme comfort.

Thanks to and adidas for providing the glasses for this review.