adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses

By Jason B.

Sunglasses are an essential part of my kit.  My eyes are very sensitive to light and even in overcast conditions I wear sunglasses, or I end up squinting which leads to headaches.  adidas has become a player in the performance eyewear market and I will be reviewing their Evil Eye Evo Pro glasses over the next few months.


adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses – photo courtesy of adidas website

adidas is a global company that makes footwear, apparel, sunglasses and more.  They also own Reebok, and Taylor Made.  One of their guiding principles is “we strive to help you perform at your best.”  Their websites are a wealth of information on products, their global strategy, athletes that they sponsor and more.  It is worth checking out.


adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro in the mountains around Juneau

adidas sport eyewear line up is diverse featuring ski goggles, mountain biking glasses, everyday sunglasses and more.  I will be reviewing the Evil Eye Evo Pro sunglasses with the red mirror lens. The glasses have wrap around frames and great field of vision.  The glasses feature a detachable foam sweat bar, hydrophobic lens, Climacool Dynamic Ventilation, Lens lock system, traction grip on the arms for a secure fit, and these particular frames are compatible with prescription lenses.  The frames come in a small and large size.

My first impression was wow, the lenses and frames are really large.  However, they have grown on me.  The large field of vision is great, I don’t feel like I am wearing glasses when I have them on.  They are fairly comfortable.  I received a small size and it fits snugly, but not too tight.  I could not find any sizing information on the adidas website to choose between the large and small frame sizes.  The nose piece and traction grip on the arms of the glasses seem to hold them in place well and are comfortable.  The mirrored lens does a nice job of blocking out glare and bright sunlight.


Selfie with the adidas before Rock and Roll Seattle 5k

I generally consider the following criteria when reviewing sunglasses – comfort, durability, and protection.  I will be using the glasses for running and hiking here in the southern US, and potentially a trip up to Southeast Alaska to play in the mountains.  This concludes my initial review.  Please check back in about a month for my update.