EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler

By Jason B.

Final Update: EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler – March 2020

Lunch time coffee break on the AT

Since my last update, I have used the EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey while on three overnight backpacking trips on the AT in Maryland;  for coffee on two long dayhiking trips on the Maryland AT; and of course for hot and cold beverages while at home. Temperatures ranged from 28 F at Pine Knob Shelter on the AT to the mid 50’s during one of my lunch coffee breaks on a day hike.

What can I say? The Port has continued to perform well.  It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  One area I was watching was durability.  I have not babied it and have been just tossing it in my pack  The Port still looks brand new.

I have followed the manufacturers cleaning requirements which has meant washing it by hand.  This has not been a big deal.  The stainless steel inner cup does not hold stains, so a little rinse and swipe is usually all it takes.  I purposefully did not wash it after drinking coffee on one of my dayhikes (ok maybe I forgot) but when I went to use it two weeks later, there was no smell and no stains. I just gave the cup a quick swish and it was ready to go.

My only complaints are the same one as my last update, I would like a bigger cup and I don’t like the lid.  These are pretty small in the grand scheme of things.  EcoVessel makes larger cups and bottles, and the lid and drinking from it is subjective.  I keep the lid on the Port to keep my drink warm and just take the lid off when I want a drink.

Thanks again for reading my review.  This is a handy little cup.

Special thanks to and EcoVessel for allowing me to participate in this review.

Update 1: EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler – February 2020

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Taking a quick break during the Klondike Derby and enjoying some hot chocolate in the EcoVessel Port Tumbler

I have used the EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey Tumbler on an overnight backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in West Virginia, at the Old Dominion District Klondike Derby that took place in Harpers Ferry, WV, and for hot and cold drinks at home.

Temperatures on my trips were interesting – the AT was unseasonably warm with highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s, while the Klondike Derby trip had lows in the upper 30s and rain.

The Port is a handy cup.  It kept my cold drinks cold and my hot drinks hot. The Klondike Derby was a cupless event – so each Scout and Scouter had to have their own cup for the event.  The dining hall had an endless supply of hot chocolate and coffee, as well as water and “juice.”  Our camp was about a quarter mile from the dining hall, so I would walk down and grab some coffee and walk back to our campsite.  I found that the Port did an excellent job of keeping the coffee hot.  I think it was just as hot as when it came out of spigot of the coffee urn.  I could take my time and enjoy the coffee over the next 30 minutes without worrying about it getting cold.  My only complaint with respect to functionality is the small size – 10 ounces meant I had to keep going back to the dining hall for refills.

The Port also did well with cold drinks as expected.  I used it while drinking bourbon.  I like to drink my bourbon over three ice cubes.  In my normal glass, the ice slowly melts mixing with the bourbon as I sip.  Not the case with the Port.  The ice melts slightly, but generally when I finish the bourbon, I have three mostly whole ice cubes.

Another positive with the Port is that the stainless steel interior of the cup is easy to clean and doesn’t retain flavors.  I was able to drink coffee or hot chocolate, give the Port a quick rinse and drink water with no left over flavors.  I could also drink bourbon at home in the evening, and give it a quick rinse and use it for coffee the next morning with no left over taste.

Durability with the Port has been excellent.  At Klondike my daughter and I were taking down the dining fly over our picnic table and we dropped it on the table where the Port was sitting. We then proceeded to drag the tarp over the table which caused the Port to tip over and roll off the table to the rocky ground.  Fortunately, the Port shows no sign of being dropped off the table, and still looks new. However the coffee inside poured out rather quickly and could not be salvaged.

My only complaint with the Port is the lid and drink hole.  It is just awkward for me.  It works fine, I just don’t like the shape.  This is subjective, versus a manufacturing issue.  I just want to point it out.

I will continue to use the EcoVessel Port Wine and Whiskey tumbler over the next month, check back then to read my final thoughts.


Initial thoughts

EcoVessel Port Wine Tumbler in use on a fine December afternoon on the AT

EcoVessel is a Boulder, Colorado based company that was started by the founder, John Fox, who wanted a reusable bottle for his kids that combine function, style and safety.  He didn’t find anything that suited him so he created EcoVessel.  They have an interesting back story and they also contribute 5% of their sales to a non-profit, and the buyer gets to choose where the 5% from their purchase goes.   Definitely worth taking a look at the “Explore” section of their website.

I will be reviewing the Port Insulated Stainless Steel Wine and Whiskey Tumbler – wow that’s a mouthful.  I will refer to the product as the Port going forward.  The Port is a 10 ounce insulated cup, with a BPA free plastic lid and silicone ring on the bottom of the cup.  It features EcoVessel’s patented TriMax Triple insulation and a 100 year warranty against manufacturing defects.  You can read more about both features on the EcoVessel website.

My initial impression of the Port is positive.  It fits nicely in my hand.  The lid has a tab for easy removal and it is directly across from where you drink from the cup. This tab should make it easy to find the right way to hold the cup to drink out of it in the dark, like around a campfire. I have used it a couple times in the house and it seems to work well, though I think the drinking hole is a little on the small side, but I want to give it some time to see if I become more used to drinking from it.

I plan to evaluate the Port on the following characteristics – functionality and durability.  Basically, does it keep my cold drinks cold, and my hot drinks hot and do I like using it? And does it break over time?

Thanks to EcoVessel and for allowing me to participate in this review.