GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress

By Jenn K.

The manufacturer provided this product for review purposes.

img_20161119_091343_fotor The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress is a double walled, portable, vacuum insulated, French press coffee mug. It is advertised to keep liquids hot or cold for three hours and has a 14 fl. oz. liquid capacity. The Javapress uses only a carafe and a screen to press the coffee. The French presses that I am accustomed to have the plunger rod inside. So I would say right off the Javapress is more simplistic than what I am used to. The Javapress has a 18/8 stainless steel outer carafe with a non-slip foot, 18/8 stainless steel inner carafe with a screen, and a lid with a sliding seal. The Javapress weighs 13.2 oz. and measures 4 in x 3 in x 8.6 inches. I found it easily fits in my car beverage holders.

So right when I opened the box there was a warning statement. Oh heck, I figure I better take the time to read it. I am not one to read instructions when opening up something new, but a warning is different. So in a nutshell the warning states to use course ground coffee (great I don’t have any), place the Javapress on a dry and stable surface, lid may leak if not upright, the Javapress should be cooled before taking it apart or cleaning it, hand wash, use non-abrasive items to clean it, microwaves and dishwashers may age components (being stainless it would never go in the microwave), and if a portion of the Javapress becomes cracked or damaged it should be no longer used or recycled. Whew, lots of warnings.

After opening the box the warnings were again noted on the instructions along with caution statements. A summary of the caution statements is not to use the Javapress on the stovetop or microwave, do not fill above steel interior of the outer carafe, handle brewed grounds carefully, keep out of reach or children and pets (darn the kitty cat can’t play with it), do not plunge with force, do not shake, and before plunging hold the Javapress at the base and gently depress the inner carafe.

I continued to read the instruction booklet and it is suggested to use 2 tbsp. of ground coffee to 6 fl. oz. of water. So I would use just a little over 4 tbsp. of coffee in the Javapress. And then I found the instructions with illustrations for use. Seems simple: pull up and twist to remove the inner carafe, add the coffee to 14 fl. oz. of 200 degree F water, stir, seat inner carafe in place at top of water line, let sit 4 min, slide top to open, hold press at base and gently depress, when inner carafe is down-turn inner carafe to lock in place, turn lid to remove, add cream/sugar, and replace the lid.








I went to Pete’s Coffee and picked up some freshly ground coffee called Big Bang. Sometimes in the morning I need a big bang to wake me up. So I boiled some water and brewed my coffee following the directions. It was not difficult to remove and replace the inner carafe, push the carafe down nor lock it in place. My coffee tasted good with no strange metal taste and there were no floating coffee grounds. I do need to play around with the coffee measurements as I think it could have been stronger. Now taking apart the Javapress for cleaning was easy. I usually let my coffee cool a bit before drinking so when it was time to take it apart it was not hot. Well I still have lots more to explore with the Javapress such as leaking, how long beverages stay hot or cold, ease of use, and beverage taste. Check back in a month to see how the Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress is working out. 

Final Update December 15, 2016

I have been using the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress for almost a month now. The Javapress has been very convenient to use since I do not have a coffee maker at home plus it is saving me some money, as I am not getting coffee on the run everyday. The Javapress is easy to use, clean, and the coffee brewed tastes great. I have not seen any coffee grains floating in my coffee nor is there any steel taste to my coffee. I have increased the amount of coffee I am brewing in the Javapress to 4.5 tablespoons. I like my coffee on the stronger side and this brewing amount was perfect.

I actually like using the Javapress over a traditional coffee maker since I can brew one cup with fresh grounds and little waiting time. Plus I think the coffee tastes better. I also like that the Javapress is insulated and my coffee stayed warm for three hours (I intentionally left the Javapress while I ran some errands) and it still tasted good. At times I will leave my coffee while I am busy around the house and it is always satisfying (for me) to drink warm coffee. The Javapress hit the spot. I can leave the Javapress and come back to it for a sip without needing to warm up my coffee. I used the Javapress with hot water from an insulated hot water bottle and made hot coffee at a trailhead after mountain biking. I found it refreshing to have hot coffee right after my ride and enjoy it while I packed up my gear with no need to go to a local coffee shop and wait in a line.

I think the Javapress is great for using at home, work, or even on the trail. The product appears to be durable and made of quality materials. I plan to use the Javapress until I wear it out or find another alternative.

For more information please visit The Stainless Commuter Javapress retails for $34.95 and is available in the following colors: green, orange, stainless, red, and blue.