HydroFlask 18oz Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee

I just received the HydroFlask 18oz Insulated Wide Mouth Coffee and am looking forward to trying it out.  I love a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and when its cold during the day and I’m outdoors I really appreciate hot coffee, tea, chocolate or cider.  We’re actually having some warmer than normal temperatures in Maine right now, after some colder than normal temperatures (what’s normal?).   My plan is to use the Wide Mouth on my way to work, and then out hiking and snowshoeing. I’ll be thrilled if it keeps me from having coffee all over my car, and provides some nice, hot coffee when I’m outdoors.

The website describes the benefits:

Universal Benefits

The Wide Mouth I received has the black finish, and is just two pieces – the container, and the cover.  It is recommended to wash by hand, without using chlorine bleach.  It is also not meant to go in the dishwasher.   It is very lightweight.  I filled it with water and rinsed it out, and doubt it will be a noticeable weight in my pack.

The size is good for me – it holds 18oz, which is about two normal sized cups of coffee, or one large.  I don’t tend to drink that much at one time, so I ‘could’ share…

Some of the things I’ll be looking at while using the Wide Mouth, is how hot does it keep drinks, and for how long?  The other concern any time I’m carrying liquids in a pack, or my car, is does it leak or spill easily?    I’ll also be looking at the other claims the company makes about it not sweating, keeping things hot/or cold.