HydroFlask Insulated Food Flask

Shiny, new HydroFlask Food Flask - 18oz size

Shiny, new HydroFlask Food Flask – 18oz size

The HydroFlask claims the Insulated Food Flask keeps food hot or cold 30% longer than their original.  I’m not sure how long their original kept food at the correct temperature, but I’m hoping to find out how well this one works very soon.   I received the 18 oz Food Flask for review purposes, and will be taking it with me on day hikes, and an overnight camping trip if the weather holds.  During the winter, I’ll be using it while snowshoeing and ice fishing.   I will test it out by taking my lunch to work – I want to see if it works a bit before counting on it in the ‘wild’.

My first impression was – ‘wow’, this is really light!  I washed it out and removed the label and kept wondering how insulated it could be, and hardly weigh anything.

Description from Manufacturer:

Shiny, new HydroFlask Food Flask - 18oz size

Inside of the Food Flask before use.

  • TempShieldTM Protected
  • 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel
  • BPA-Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

The label indicates it is BPA Free, 18/8 Pro Grade Stainless Steel, Easy Grip, Does not sweat, double wall vacuum insulation and built to last.  It offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, and they donate 5% of net proceeds to a charity of the purchasers choice.


I love to eat, and cooking is one of my favorite past times.  I love to take healthy, good food with me when outdoors.  I’m hoping this Food Flask helps keep the food hot on winter trips. I live in Maine, and its already down below freezing at night.  Early morning hikes could be a bit chilly.   I’m thinking hot apple crisp for a hike this weekend.  I’ll update in about a month and report back on how well its working out.

UPDATE: 12/12/2015

I’ve had some time to use the HydroFlask, and am pleasantly surprised at how well it keeps food warm.   I had mentioned how light I found it to be, and it really is, even when full.  I put it in my bag or pack, and really notice very little change in weight.

I’ve used it for quite a few different types of foods – soups, stew, chicken and rice, beef and broccoli,  coffee and hot water.  I find that it keeps foods that are more ‘liquid’ hotter than things that are more dense.  We have not had any really cold weather yet, so I am just going by how hot it keeps things when the outside temperatures are between 40-70F.  I’ll be interested in seeing how it works during really cold weather and what the differences will be.

I’ve been pleased with the convenience of using the Hyrdoflask, both for work and when hiking.  The only downside I’ve found, is that it tips very easily if not on a completely smooth, flat, level surface.

I’ll be back in about a month, hopefully we’ll have had some cold weather and I can report back about how well the HydroFlask keeps food hot even in cold weather.