Oofos-Oolala Sandals

These sandals were provided from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

By: Kat

IMG_20151222_162226 I was excited to receive the Oofos-Oolala Women’s Sandals to review since sandals can be worn year round in Southern California. I decided to take a look at the Oofos website to check out the product and I was pleased to find a easy to use, customer friendly site. According to the site the Oofos sandals seem to be more focused towards runners. This is understandable as the sandal is meant to be used after running, but can be used after a workout or any kind of activity that has you on your feet. The sandals are designed to help you get support and provide comfort for the feet after a workout or run.

The key features on the sandal design are:
Absorbs more shock than traditional foams
Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back
Cradles your arches
Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion


Oofos manufacturers sandals for both men and women. They also make a clog and sport slip on. I received the Oolala women’s sandal; which is completely made of foam and has a visible arch. The upper strap has a shiny coating that adds a little bit of style. The Oolala sandals come in eight colors (black/latte, black/chrome, black/black, black/crimson, black/cosmic pink, black/cloud white, steel/cosmic blue, steel/cosmic pink). They also come in women’s size 5 – 11.

I received the black/chrome Oolala sandal in a size 8. I wear a size 7.5 shoe and the size 8 in the Oofos fit perfect. I have plantar fasciitis on my right foot and have had to take flip flops/sandals out of the kind of footwear that I am allowed to wear. These seem to have good arch support so this should be a sandal I will be able to wear all the time. But, we shall see.

Cost of the Oolala model is $59.95 on the website.
For further information visit www.oofos.com.

Update January 30, 2016

2016012995152852 I started to wear the Oofos right after they arrived. I was excited because I had just been told by my podiatrist, no more flip-flops. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and a big bone spur on my heel. This is California, who doesn’t wear flip-flops all the time. I found the sandals to be very comfortable and soft, without being too soft. My foot felt like it fit perfectly inside the sandal and it felt supported. There is a little lip around the outside of the sandal so that the foot just sits down into the sandal.

We had quite a bit of rain around the time I received the sandals and I wore them outside on the wet ground. At first with the wet ground I was careful not to slip. Also there are wood steps up to my apartment and they can get slippery when wet. In my other cheap flops there was definitely the chance of slipping. The Oofos actually did not slip. I even walked down my driveway in them with the rainwater washing past me.

I have mainly used the Oofos sandals for around the house and if I take off my shoes to pop outside for something. I have also put them on to walk the dog around the block. I did notice that if there is really loose dirt or sand that sometimes it can kick up inside the sandals. When this happened I needed to take them off to get rid of the pesky debris as angling my feet and tapping them to get the debris out did not always work. The other thing I noticed is they kind of angle forward a bit, which while walking is not a problem but going down stairs the first time I had to be careful not to lean forward too much. Got used to that part quickly as it is not that much of an angle.

I ended up taking them camping this last weekend, but only used them a short while. It was in Newberry Springs, California and it was a desert area off the beaten track. The terrain was rocky with cacti and scrub. I was able to walk over some pretty rough rocks without feeling a thing but it was the cacti that changed my mind. I did not want to kick any of those babies in open toed sandals. Also the ground was dirt and sand and kind of kicked up inside the sandals a bit.

So far I really like them the Oofos-Oolala Sandals. They give my feet a break and some relaxation after being tied up in sneakers all day. After hockey it is also nice to pull my feet out of my skates and put on the Oofos. The sandals feel like a comfy foot bed after playing. I know this is what they were designed for and it seems to be working.

I will continue to wear the Oofos-Oolala Sandals in different situations and will keep you posted in my final update. Check back in a month.

Final Update March 10, 2016

It has taken me a while to get back to writing this review as I have tried to wear the Oofos in various situations. I was able to accomplish that in the last month. I mostly wore them walking my dog (daily) and also was able to wear them at school a few times. I was a bit tentative to try them at school as I would be there all day and could not change out of them if they bothered my feet. It worked out great though. They were comfortable and my feet were never tired and my heels never had any pain. I walked all over campus and even trekked up some hills. I was surprised that the Oofos stayed comfortable all day. I was really happy with being able to wear them for an extended period of time. I have never felt cramping or any kind of pain from these sandals. After hockey on Sundays I look forward to putting them on as they are really cushiony and make my feet feel like they are on a pillow. This is a plus after having my feet in ice skates for two hours. After having these sandals for two months, my plantar fasciitis has never flared up. Again the only thing that ever was a bit of a nuisance, was when wearing these in loose dirt where a sharp, tiny rock can be kicked up onto the sandal. Because of the soft material it can stick into the sandal. I have to remove the sandal to get it out. Otherwise these Oofos have been a dream. I highly recommend these to people who run or workout and have their feet in skates or skis or anything where your feet take a pounding and they need a break. I will be getting another pair of these.