Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro

Underside of the Trail Crampon Pro – very aggressive and sharp!
What happens when you have more snow than average in Maine?  Well, this year it means we’ve had less ice.  2 Ice Fishing Derby’s I usually attend were canceled due to deep snow.  Most winters we get snow, then it melts, re-freezes and we are literaly skating on ice.  This tends to happen over and over.  When I was selected to review the Hillsound Trail Crampon Pros, I assumed that would be the case.  On the positive side, the few times I got to use them, I was very impressed with how ‘grippy’ they are.  No sliding, no slipping, and no broken tail bones (been there, done that).  Another plus – they will be like brand new next winter, when I am confident, that we will once again have ice to deal with.  Please check back to see how they perform under more suitable conditions.  Thanks to Hillsound.com for the opportunity to review these Trail Crampons.
The Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro arrived right before the snow we had melted a bit, and then froze solid.  I didn’t have anything to adventorous planned, but walking with two dogs over icy ground is a bit tricky sometimes.
A bit about the Trail Crampon Pro from the www.hillsound.com

The Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro combines some of the benefits of a traditional crampon with the comfort and ease of use of a non-technical crampon. Designed for those seeking aggressive traction in backcountry winter pursuits, the Pros provide unparalleled grip on low to medium grade ascents and a range of terrain, including packed snow and ice. Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened effortlessly to most hiking footwear. While these crampons share some features of climbing or mountaineering crampons, they are not designed for technical ascents or ice climbing.

  • X-shaped polycarbonate harness reduces pressure points found in many conventional crampons.
  • 10 spikes of 2- 2.6 cm length give superb traction in deep snow and on all types of ice.
  • Anti-balling plates stop snow from balling under the device and affecting traction.
  • Utilizing simple ratchet buckle bindings, these crampons can be fastened to most footwear effortlessly.
  • Alpine stoppers (included with product) prevent buckles from loosening in deep snow.
  • Device length is adjustable with an Allen key (included with product) to suit all footwear types.
  • Light and compact to fit in your pack.
  • 4 heel spikes give excellent traction on descents.
Initial Observations:

The first thing I noticed, was that the Trail Crampons adjust like old fashioned, adjustable roller skates.  Instead of a key, they come with their own Allen wrench (key).  This allows them to slip over almost any shoe or boot.  Inside the package was a small baggie with 4 small, orange plastic pieces.  I looked for directions to put these on, and found very sparce information at first. From the pictures, I could tell they were used to keep the straps from loosening, and fit over the straps near the ratchet adjustment.  They are referred to as ‘Alpine Stoppers’ and are used to keep the straps from loosening in deep snow.  They actually slide right over the end of the strap, after it is adjusted to fit.    One interesting feature, is that the slide bar under the crampon, is actually curved.  The ‘teeth’ are very aggressive, and remind me of actual animal’s teeth.  There are 10 which provide even

The crampon itself can be fitted to shoes or boots before they are put on.  To remove, I just released the straps, without having to adjust the size of the actual crampon.  To switch to a different size pair of footwear, the Allen wrench is used on the underside of the crampon, to loosen and adjust.

So far, I’ve found the Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro crampons to have great grip! I walked across an area of shear ice, and did not slip, even when standing still and trying to turn my feet back and forth.  I will be taking these ice fishing in a few days, and will update this review in about a month.  We’re due for rain, and then snow over the next 2 days, so I am sure that will add some miles to the crampons.