Pearl Izumi Peak II

The trails await you with the Pearl Izumi Peak II Trail Race shoe laced up.  Pearl Izumi has designed this shoe with minimalism in mind.  The aim is to keep the shoe as simple as possible, while enhancing your time on the trail.

Thanks to Pearl Izumi for the opportunity to test these shoes out.

Shoe Features:

  • Completely Seamless Upper to minimize the pressure and friction that
  • 360 Degree Lacing to fit to all foot shapes and sizes.
  • Energy Foam for cushion and transfer of energy back to the foot
  • TPU Forefoot Protection Plate
  • TPU Toe Cap to protect your toes
  • Full Carbon Rubber Outsole to maximize traction
  • Ortholite Sock Liner for maximum comfort and cushion
  • Racing Last
  • 360 Reflectivity to see the shoes from any angle
  • Heel to Toe Offset: 17.00 mm / 8.00 mm
  • Weight :9.3 oz (263 g)

Check out this video to get some extra views of the Peak II’s and some of their features:

Check back in about a month to see my latest update on the Pearl Izumi Peak II Trail Race shoes.
-Kaleb R.

Update #1: 9.4.12

I’ve had the Pearl Izumi Peak II trail running shoes for a month now.  I’ve used them for both runs on the trail and while on pavement. The shoe has performed well so far on both surfaces on varying distances.

Appearance: I honestly can’t count the number of comments that I have had on the look of this shoe and almost all of the remarks made being positive. For all of you who like to wear shoes that stand out, then look no further than the Peak II.

Durability: I’ve had no issues with the shoes in this department yet.  Other than some scuffs on the toe cap, the shoes are holding up well.

Protection:  With rocks, stumps, roots, and uneven terrain; trail running can be brutal on the feet.  It’s important that a trail running shoe provide your foot the protection necessary to keep you running day after day, week after week.  The TPU toe-cap on the front of the shoe does its job well. The scuff marks and scratches on it give credence to that.  The low profile of the shoe coupled with what I believe is a slightly inadequate TPU Forefoot Protection Plate makes my feet feel a little too vulnerable to what my feet are landing on each stride that I take.  I haven’t experienced any bruising or injuries yet, but I do feel a little less confident that these shoes aren’t really protecting my feet like they could/should.

Fit:  This shoe fits like a glove. And a comfortable glove at that. I have a wide and fairly flat foot and as advertised, the 360 degree lacing, seamless upper, and ortholite sock liner, make this shoe very comfortable, especially for someone with ugly feet like I have.

Update #1 Conclusion: I really do like the Pear Izumi Peak II.

  • Super comfortable.
  • Very good looking. Lightweight.
  • Other than a little more forefoot protection, I’m really liking running in this shoe.

Check back in about a month to see my final update on the Pearl Izumi Peak II shoe.

-Kaleb R.



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